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Dropped kerbs

There are two types of dropped kerb applications:

  • pedestrian dropped kerbs
  • vehicular access dropped kerbs.

These applications are processed by different teams within the council. To ensure your application is dealt with by the correct team, please ensure you fill in the correct dropped kerb application form depending on your request. For more help in understanding what type of dropped kerb you require, please read the information below.

Pedestrian dropped kerb

A pedestrian dropped kerb is where we lower the kerb to make it easier for people with impaired mobility and users of wheelchairs, pushchairs or trolleys to cross the road at certain points. The service is used mostly by people with a disability affecting their mobility, requiring access around the area that they live, and can also benefit partially sighted pedestrian locating crossing points.

We tend to programme the work in batches. This means that the work is cost effective but still timely. We usually undertake work twice a year. There is a limited budget for installing drop kerbs and the number of batches within a year may change due to demand.

This service is primarily for the benefit of people with a disability that affects their mobility. When applying for the service please indicate if you have a substantial disability that affects your ability to move on to and off a pavement, for example if you are a wheelchair user. 

In extremely rare cases with exceptional circumstance, we may consider completing a request outside of the usual work programme. 

Vehicular access dropped kerb

A vehicular access dropped kerb is a crossing across a public footpath or verge which allows your vehicle to gain access to your property from the highway.

Last updated: 05/09/2022 10:37

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