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Dropped kerbs

Vehicle access (dropped kerb) application guidelines for residential applicants

Before making your application please read the following guidance.

Planning permission

Planning permission may be required for the dropped kerb or any other associated work such as a new driveway. 

View information about checking to see if you need to obtain planning permission for a dropped kerb.

An inspection for a vehicle access will not be carried out until planning permission has been sought.

For any queries on planning permission for vehicle access applications, please contact (01952) 384555.

Only the property owner can apply for a vehicle access. A tenant can apply but a letter of consent is required from their landlord. This approval letter has to be supplied to Telford & Wrekin Council with the application form attached before any inspection can be carried out.

The minimum requirement is 6 metres of available space between your property and the rear of the public footway and there is an area of hardstanding (for example not grass) to park your vehicle(s). You can still apply if there is not 6 metres available space, however, it makes it less likely that your application will be successful. This space is required as it is illegal for a vehicle to overhang onto the public footpath from a private property.

If you do not have this amount of space, an inspection is the best way to determine if a vehicle access can be installed and a Highways inspector can assess the application and give advice, payment is required for this.

Other factors taken into account when determining whether a vehicular dropped kerb can be safely approved include:

  • That a driver entering the highway from the private access has an acceptable view of other road users approaching from both directions along the highway. The minimum required ‘visibility distance’ is determined by the general speed of traffic on the road and are as follows. Please note: these are all measured from a point 2.4 metres back from the edge of the road:
This table shows the speed limit of the road and the distance visible.
Speed limit of road Distance visible along the road
 20mph  25 metres
 30mph  43 metres

Please contact us for further information, for instance where the speed limit on your road is greater than 30mph.

  • There is no impact on (or impact that can be removed) on items such as street lights, trees, speed cameras, telegraph poles or other items that may impede or be damaged by vehicles using the access (see further information below).

On approval, we will supply you with a list of contractors we currently have information on, to obtain independent quotes.

If you have a contractor in mind that is not within the supplied list, we require details of your nominated contractor and copies of their Public liability insurance and Streetworks accreditation before any works can be carried out.


There will be a charge of £250 to apply for a S184 application. Payment of the above fee is required on application and no inspection will be carried out if payment is not received.

After inspection, if the vehicle access request is refused, we will refund your payment minus £50 which covers the initial inspection. Refunds can take up to 28 days to process.

When you accept a quote from the contractor of your choice, you are entering into an agreement with them to carry out the works and payment must be made according to their quotation details.

Street furniture/Illuminated Street furniture

If any existing street furniture (street lights, bollards, street nameplates etc) require repositioning, you will be responsible for the cost of this work. On initial inspection, the Highways Technician will establish if this work is viable and your letter of approval/refusal will include this information.

Utility chambers or drains

If any existing utility chambers or drains require repositioning, you will be responsible for the cost of this work. On initial inspection, the Highways Technician will establish if this is required and your letter of approval will include information on who to contact to arrange this work.


When you place your application a Highways Technician will carry out a site visit. You should hear from the inspector within 30 days to say whether your application has been approved or declined. You will receive a letter confirming this. 

Your vehicle access application is valid for 12 months from the date of your approval letter and all works must be completed before this time.

Last updated: 31/05/2023 10:52

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