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Meal and food shopping

If you, or someone you care for, are having difficulties preparing and cooking your own meals there are various options you could choose to make mealtimes easier:

  • supermarket shopping
  • frozen meal delivery services
  • hot meal delivery services
  • eating in the community
  • equipment to help you prepare meals independently
  • food banks.

Supermarket shopping

Many supermarkets offer online shopping and home delivery to your door or even your fridge. Other stores have a home delivery service, which allows you to go to the shop to choose what you want without having to carry it to your car or home.

Examples of supermarkets who offer home delivery:

Frozen meal delivery services

Delicious frozen meals and desserts can also be delivered straight into your freezer.

Visit the Live Well Telford website to find services that deliver frozen meals

Hot meal delivery services

Visit the Live Well Telford website to find services that deliver meals to your door

Eating in the community 

There are a range of community options which provide a chance to socialise and meet friends old and new to meet together, to enjoy each other’s company and good food. There are groups, clubs as well as housing schemes, community centres and local cafes that run meals services and can provide inexpensive freshly cooked hot or cold meals. Some also offer a delivery service for a small charge.

Visit Live Well Telford website to see where you can eat in the community

Equipment to help you prepare meals independently

If you have problems preparing your meals it may be worthwhile looking at equipment that will help you around the kitchen.

An example is a perching stool if you struggle to stand for long periods of time while preparing food and drinks, another is the one cup kettle which allows you to make a hot drink without the risk of burning yourself if you struggle to grip or lift a kettle.

Food banks

You can find places to request food parcels in the event of a crisis, where you are unable to afford to purchase any food.

Visit the Live Well Telford website to find places where you can request a food parcel

Last updated: 07/06/2021 11:23