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There are both housing and care costs to be considered when moving into extra care housing.

  • Housing - You will pay rent and service charges to your landlord. You will also be responsible for paying utility bills, Council Tax, contents insurance and meal costs when these are not provided as part of your rent.
  • Care - If you have capital or savings under the income threshold you will be offered a full financial assessment. This is to decide the maximum weekly contribution you will be asked to pay towards the cost of your care.

Paying for living in an extra care scheme can be split into two defined areas, housing and care. With the second of these areas - care, you may be entitled to financial support from social care.

1. Accommodation costs 

You will need to discuss directly with the housing provider what the rent and any other associated costs will be. Also, ask about annual cost increases. You will always be responsible for meeting these costs. Rent is for the use and occupation of your home. In addition to your rent there will be a service charges which will cover items such as: 

  • cleaning and servicing communal areas 
  • refuse services 
  • fire alarms, detection and fire-fighting equipment 
  • door entry maintenance 
  • lighting and heating in communal areas 
  • maintaining communal equipment.

All of the above charges are set and collected by the housing provider. 

Depending on your income you may qualify for Housing Benefit to help towards your rent. Your landlord may help you apply for this.

2. Care and support cover 

In an extra care scheme as well as the accommodation costs, there is a standard amount that is payable toward the 24-hour on-site staff team, who can respond if you need them. If you have eligible care or support needs you will be financially assessed and pay what you can afford. If you do not have eligible care and support needs you will have to pay the full amount. This is a social care charge which will be collected by the on-site providers. 

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