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Children in care and alternative provision

The Student Engagement Programme

The Student Engagement Programme is an alternative provision where we support schools, students and parents to access a full and balanced curriculum in their school and on a part time basis. The work across all our sites is based around the Six Principles of Nurture supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing, making nurture an essential component of our service.

We offer a variety of bespoke alternative provision opportunities for some of the most vulnerable students in the Borough. A range of strategies, interventions and support along with a creative and practical curriculum that include the engagement of very reluctant learners in English and Maths. We use the outdoor environment and sport as often as we can to promote wellbeing.

Download the student engagement programme

Arthog Outreach

Arthog Outreach Is based in Wellington and operates locally to bring the adventures to you - or with the minimum of travel takes you to the adventure!

Arthog Outreach has the same ethos and focus on high quality outdoor education as the residential centre in North Wales. Outreach operates in a setting which can sometimes be overlooked and creates opportunities to encourage participation in adventurous activities closer to home.

Arthog Outreach offer a variety of adventure and environmental activities on and off site. A short minibus drive gives us access to stunning locations within Shropshire and fantastic opportunities for adventurous activities.

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Behaviour Support Advisory team

We are an experienced and highly talented group of practitioners who work with children and young people aged 3-18, TAs, school support workers, teachers and senior leadership teams. We work to support inclusion in schools and settings in the area of personal and social development, behaviour for learning,Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) and well being.

We support schools to improve learning for young people with SEND, social emotional and well being needs.

We offer a wide range of courses, CPD and conferences in the area of SEND, social emotional and behaviour needs, along with in-school small group interventions to support settings in encouraging engagement and improving learning behaviour. We can provide Management of Actual or Potential Aggression (MAPA) training for Telford and Wrekin schools and offer a Nurture Group Network and support package.

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The Linden Centre

As an aspirational group of provisions, we create the environment to enable each of our young people to lead an enriched, successful and happy life. Together, we focus on developing the skills, attitudes and qualities for each individual young person to move successfully along to the next stage of their life journey.

Our aim is to reduce the numbers of pupils who are Permanently Excluded from school by offering mainstream schools an alternative provision as an assessment and intervention. We offer a range of interventions so pupils can be supported, either within their mainstream school or at one of our provisions.

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