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Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

What is the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)?

The HHSRS is a risk assessment tool which determines whether a property contains any hazards and is safe to live in.

The local authority will undertake an inspection in order to assess if any hazards exist. The HHSRS calculates a hazard based on the likelihood of an accident occurring in the next 12 months and the harm outcome if it occurs.

Based on this calculation, the hazards are grouped in to Category 1 or Category 2 hazards, with Category 1 being the most severe.

There are 29 hazards which this is based on, some of the most common that occur are damp and mould growth, excess cold, falls and fire safety.

What are the 29 hazards?

  1. Damp and mould growth.
  2. Excess cold.
  3. Excess heat.
  4. Asbestos (and MMF).
  5. Biocides.
  6. Carbon monoxide and fuel combustion products.
  7. Lead.
  8. Radiation.
  9. Uncombusted fuel gas.
  10. Volatile Organic Compounds.
  11. Crowding and space.
  12. Entry by intruders.
  13. Lighting.
  14. Noise.
  15. Domestic hygiene, pests and refuse.
  16. Food safety.
  17. Personal hygiene, sanitation and drainage.
  18. Water supply for domestic purpose.
  19. Falls associated with baths.
  20. Falling on level surfaces.
  21. Falling on stairs and steps.
  22. Falling between levels.
  23. Electrical hazards.
  24. Fire.
  25. Flames and hot surfaces.
  26. Collision and entrapment.
  27. Explosions.
  28. Position and operability of amenities.
  29. Structural collapse and failing elements.

For further information regarding the HHSRS operating guidance, please visit the GOV.UK website

What is the duty of the local authority?

If a Category 1 hazard exists in the property, the Local Authority must take the most appropriate action in order for the hazard to be reduced. 

This may include:

  • improvement notice
  • prohibition order
  • hazard awareness notice
  • emergency remedial action
  • demolition order
  • declare a clearance order.

If a category 2 hazard exists in the property, the local authority also has the power to act if deemed appropriate to do so.

For further information on enforcement guidance please visit the GOV.UK website.

Telford & Wrekin Council will always endeavour to work alongside the landlord in order for the property to be free from hazards and safe to live in.

Enforcement and penalties

Formal action will be in the form of legal notices, either to inform responsible and interested parties of the presence of a hazard and/or requiring compliance within a stipulated period of time or requiring the prohibition of all or parts of a dwelling within a stipulated time. Failure to comply may result in works being carried in default and/or prosecution or the issuing of a civil penalty notice.

View and download our enforcement policy.

Last updated: 12/01/2023 13:42