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Eat well

Eating well or healthy eating is getting the right food and portions to help you feel good and stay well.

Eating a rainbow of different coloured fruit and vegetables helps us to be healthy. Take a look at the Phunky Foods Strive for 5 and Eatwell activities on this page. Plus 5 a Day, eat five portions - 3 vegetables and 2 fruits.

It’s recommended that children have no more than around 30 grams of sugar per day at the age 11 years and upwards. This even includes fresh fruit. Check out our Sugar Quiz and the Change4Life Sugar Calculator to see how much sugar your child may be having.

Here are a range of guidance and resources to support children, young people and families to eat well as part of a Happy Healthy & Active Holiday.

Do you know how many teaspoons of sugar are in certain food & drink? Have a go at our Sugar Quiz!

All the information you need to provide your family with a healthy balanced diet from understanding sugar intake to reading food labels.

Helpful and simple food swap ideas that support healthy eating for your child.

Children aged 7 to 10 recommended sugar intake is 24 grams a day, the sugar calculator can help manage sugar intake and make healthy changes.

20 ways to make your money and food go further. From what brands to buy to making the most of your leftovers.

How well do you know your food groups? Test your knowledge out with this interactive activity.

Introducing you to the healthy eating guide to help your family make healthier choices when you eat.

Find out how to make healthier choices and 8 tips for eating well for the whole family!

Think about a favourite story or fairy tale. Do you know what the characters eat or drink?

The foods we eat can turn us into a super hero. Take a look at what we should eat to be a super hero.

Games and activities to help understand the different types of food we need to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Find out how eating five portions of fruit and vegetables every day can improve our health.

Games and activities to encourage us to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Includes quizzes, Feeling Fruity, Smoothie Bingo and Eat a Rainbow.

Fill the Rainbow and Super Veggie Crunch activities.

A to Z Challenge, Riddle Time – What am I? Plus Super Veggie Crunch activities.

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