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Alcohol harm

Alcohol can have an impact on your mood, your level of energy and motivation.

We often drink because we want to change how we feel, but the evidence clearly shows that alcohol can negatively affect our mental and physical health.

Harmful and hazardous drinking can lead not only to psychological problems such as depression, alcohol-related accidents or physical illness such as acute pancreatitis, but also to relationship problems and social and economic problems.

View more information about alcohol awareness.

The sale of alcohol is regulated through the Licensing Act 2003 and any premises from which alcohol is sold must hold a licence granted by the Licensing Authority. View more information about premises licenses.

When considering a licence application, the Licensing Authority consults with a number of organisations, known as ‘responsible authorities', who may raise representations. One of those responsible authorities is the Director of Public Health and it is the Health Protection Hub that make any representations on behalf of the Director of Public Health.

Where representations are made these will then be considered by the Licensing Committee and may, for example, result in conditions being attached to a licence if granted.

In addition to the formal licensing process, the Health Protection Hub will work with licensees to promote actions aimed at reducing alcohol harm.

Last updated: 04/10/2022 08:20

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