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Alcohol awareness

Many people don’t always know how much alcohol they drink and whether their drinking could have any impact on their health. 

Alcohol can have an effect on many aspects of health and wellbeing including weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and quality of sleep. Visit YouTube to video information about alcohol and weigth gain.

Visit the drinkaware website to view the guidance from the Chief Medical Officer about the number of units for men and visit the drinkaware website for more information on the number of units of alcohol a women should be having. The guidance from the Chief Medical Officer state’s that men and women should aim to not exceed 14 units of alcohol a week together with having 3 alcohol-free days that fall within this week too.

Visit the drinkaware website to find out what an alcohol unit is and visit the NHS website to find out what it actually means for your drinking.

Visit the Healthy Telford website to find out the number of calories in alcoholic.

If you would like a chat with an adviser to see if our service is what you are looking for please contact us via email: healthylifestyles@telford.gov.uk.

Please note: that our Healthy Lifestyle Advisors and Practitioners are not clinically trained and offer healthy lifestyle advice and support only.

Useful services and websites

For more information on daily health messages and what is going on throughout the borough to improve the health of our residents check out our social pages.

How do I access this service? 

Complete our online form to make a referral or to get in touch with the Healthy Lifestyles team

Email: healthylifestyles@telford.gov.uk
Telephone: 01952 382582 

Last updated: 20/04/2022 08:48