Sexual health local services

The sexual health service provides a range of services to people of all ages living in Telford. You can access the service from a range of locations. There is no need for an appointment as the clinics are on a ‘walk in' basis, however you can book an appointment if you prefer.

The clinics provide:

Talk to our friendly sexual health service if you have any questions about your sexual health or if you want to know how to find a service.

You can call them on 300 123 0994 or visit the OpenClinic website.

For a free postal kit text SURE  + name and address to 80010 or call 00800 015 9845 (Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm).

Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK, affecting both men and women. You don’t need to have had lots of sexual partners to be at risk.

The important things to know about Chlamydia are:

  • for most people Chlamydia has no symptoms, so you probably won't know if you or your partner(s) have it without having a test
  • Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed STI in England and rates are increasing.
  • untreated Chlamydia can have serious long term health implications and may lead to infertility (being unable to have children).

If you are sexually active you should be tested for Chlamydia annually or when you change your sexual partner. For more information on contraception, sexual health and local services call Sexual Health Services on 03001 230994.

Chlamydia is easily tested for and easy to treat – you don’t need to be examined. Any form of unprotected sex (without a condom) can put you at risk of catching Chlamydia, including oral sex. View the local Pharmacies that offering Chlamydia testing.

EHC is sometimes known as the morning after pill. The emergency contraception scheme offers free emergency contraception to under 25's from a range of pharmacies across the Telford and Wrekin.

Please telephone the pharmacist in advance to ensure that a trained member of staff is available. You can also access free emergency contraception from Sexual Health Services Tel: 03001 230994 (this is for people of any age).

Respect Yourself is a sexual health guide for young people in Tedford. It is designed for young people aged 14+

Respect Yourself Sexual Health Guide

In line with current practice, we would advise that Telford & Wrekin Council currently provides GU and CaSH activity under block contract. To that end we do not recognise individual pricing higher than the 2014/15 tariff rates set out below. No charges will be accepted for CaSH.  Any amounts charged above the below rates will not be accepted. 

Invoices and associated backing information will need to be sent electronically to  

  • First Appointment - £134 
  • Follow up - £105 
  • Telephone Consultation - £35 

A telephone consultation can last between 20 to 30 minutes or more depending on the patient’s needs. A telephone consultation comprises of establishing the reason for the call, taking personal history and background of the patient. Based on the patient’s needs, information and advice is then given over the phone or the patient is invited into clinic for a face to face appointment.

Telford & Wrekin Council in line with national guidance does not recognise CQUIN nor are Local Authorities required to pay Market Forces Factor – please ensure that all invoicing excludes any such amounts. 

All providers must be registered on the Telford & Wrekin Council’s payments system as a supplier. Please contact the officer above to request details of how to go about this.

Providers must submit backing data before invoices will be validated for payment in line with template letter 1 of the HIV, sexual and reproductive health: Bulletin 1: November 2013

The backing data report must contain the following:

  • LA name
  • LSOA11 code - using the Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) coding method. LSOA will determine which LA should bear the costs when partial postcode is a fringe (sharing more than one LA). View further information about LSOA.
  • Partial Postcodes - This needs to be the first part of the postcode and the first digit after the space
  • Attendance type (for example; first, follow up, face to face, etc.)
  • Attendance date
  • Patients GP code
  • Speciality code – This will be the actual treatment code - please note that Telford & Wrekin Council will pay for first and follow up attendances only. Any other treatments would not normally be paid.
  • Total charge per patient
  • Total charge.
An example of the backing data report.
LA name or code
LSOA of patients home address
Patients partial postcode
Attendance type
Attendance date
Registered GP practice name or practice code
Speciality code
Tariff/charge per patient
Total charge

Invoices and the backing data report must be sent to This is the accredited safe haven email address set up to ensure the secure transfer of data for all GUM activity data for Telford & Wrekin Council. Incomplete data sets may result in non-payment of invoices.

Please note: the LSOA11 data can be downloaded from the Office for National Statistics website and search for ONSPD. This will take you into the LSOA results then select the latest postcode directory.

In the event of any discrepancy Telford & Wrekin Council will contact you to highlight where the backing data has not passed validation.

Once Telford & Wrekin Council has validated your backing data it will be processed.

Invoices should contain the following information:

  • date of invoice, tax point
  • supplier company name and contact details in case of a query
  • the agreed charges
  • any applicable tax element, for example VAT, separately identified
  • confirmation that the services detailed have been fully performed.

It is Council policy not to part pay invoices. If the invoice is above the agreed rates the invoice will not be paid and you will be asked to issue a credit note for the difference. When we have received the credit note the invoice will be paid.

Requests for payment must follow payment mechanism and fully supply requested backing data - failure to do so will lead to a rejection of invoices.

Any correspondence in relation to an outstanding invoice must confirm the following:

  • full supporting backing data has been sent to (must include all details set out on this page)
  • prices are in accordance with Telford & Wrekin Council’s prevailing terms for the relevant year for example 2019/20 or 2020/21
  • invoice has been sent to Public Health, Telford & Wrekin Council, Darby House, Lawn Central, Telford, TF3 4JA.

Failure to confirm will result in a standard response requesting necessary steps are taken in relation to published terms.

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