Reuse - what is it good for - absolutely everything!

Recycling is important, but reusing is even better, are your household items in good condition? Before you throw them away why don't you consider the options below?

Fix it

We all know how frustrating it is when something stops working, and sometimes we are quick to just throw them away and replace, but why not think about repairing instead?.

There are local companies that specialise in repairs to give our items such as fridges and washing machines a longer life. These are often cheaper than buying new so you can spend your money on more fun things and you are helping the planet too.

Sell it

Why not give your unwanted items a new home and make some money too there are many free sites you can advertise your items on:

Donate it

If you have unwanted household items which are in good condition, please consider giving them a second life by donating them to charity.

Veolia has partnered with the local charity A Better Tomorrow who help reuse materials collected as part of the recycling and waste services to the borough, for more information about the charity, please visit the A Better Tomorrow website.

We also work with other local charities in the borough who may be able to provide a new life and home for your unwanted items, we would recommend that you contact them first to see if they are accepting donations.

A to Z of recycling and rubbish

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