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Copies of historic building regulation decisions and plans

Is there a charge?

Yes. Our charges are calculated for the retrieval of the information and processing the request and apply for each individual document or plan requested from an application.

Once we have confirmed we hold the information you have requested we will contact you with details of the cost to process the information requested. When we have received this payment we will continue with your request.

In addition to our current service we also provide a Fast Track service to request and receive copies of individual documents and plans (subject to permission granted by the plan owner/author) within 3 working days of receipt of payment.

This table shows the charges for our copies of historic decisions and plans service.
Service level Cost for search VAT Total cost*
Standard £40 £8 £48
Fast track £60 £12 £72

*Please note: additional postage and printing costs will be added to the 'total cost' if a paper response is requested. Details are available on request.

Concessions may be available to parish and town councils and local voluntary groups.

You are also able to view this information free of charge at our offices by appointment only, for more information please email buildingcontrol@telford.gov.uk.

Making a request

If you want to request copies of histroic notices and plans, please email buildingcontrol@telford.gov.uk. If you require our fast track service you should include a telephone number so that we can contact you to confirm what information we hold and take your payment.

Standard service

We will acknowledge your email and you will receive notification within twenty working days, confirming if we hold the information you have requested or not. You will be issued with a reference number and a confirmed charge for processing your request. Upon receipt of your payment, your request will be processed and the requested information sent to you within fifteen working days.

Please note if we do not receive payment from you within ten working days of our confirmation we will cancel your request.

Fast track service

We will acknowledge receipt of your email and advise you by telephone, where possible, within one working day as to what information we hold in relation to your request and take the relevant payment from you.

Your requested information will then be returned to you within two working days.

Last updated: 31/05/2023 09:05

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