Since 16 February 2019, The Registrar General has had the authority to provide Multilingual Standard Forms (MSFs) that correspond to a civil registration record held or issued by them, and Certificates of No Impediment (CONIs)(issued by a Superintendent Registrar employed by local authorities) for a fee.

Multilingual Standard Forms provide a translation of details taken from a customer’s civil registration certificate into the official language of the desired EU Member State, e.g. birth certificate details translated in to German, if required by a customer.

This new service is being introduced to reduce the costs and burden on EU citizens when they are submitting these civil documents within an EU country.

Multilingual Standard Forms will replace the requirement for certified translation and apostille documents.

The General Register Office will provide Multilingual Standard Forms for the following certificates of record held, or issued, on behalf of the Registrar General - as detailed below. The Multilingual Standard Form will be provided alongside the certificate to which it relates. The fee for this service is £22, which includes both the fee for the Multilingual Standard Form and the certificate fee of £11:

  • birth certificates,
  • marriage certificates,
  • civil partnership certificates,
  • certificates of entries in the Adopted Children’s Register,
  • certificates of entries in the Parental Order Register,
  • certificates of entries in the Gender Recognition Register,
  • death certificate,
  • Certificate of No Impediment*,
  • marine birth and death certificates,
  • aircraft birth and death certificates,
  • British Forces birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates,
  • British Consul or High Commission birth, death, marriage and Civil Partnership certificates.

* The General Register Office will be providing Multilingual Standard Forms for Certificates of No Impediment. The customer must provide the Certificate of No Impediment issued by their local office as part of the application process. The fee will be for the Multilingual Standard Form only and is set at £11.

Last updated: 16/09/2019 13:42

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