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Change in circumstances

From 14 November 2018, most working age customers will need to claim Universal Credit for help with their rent. If you have a change of circumstances that ends your current Housing Benefit entitlement (for example, an increase in income) and you need to make a new claim in the future, you will usually have to make a claim for Universal Credit for help with your rent. View information about the eligibility for Housing benefit to see if you are eligible.

Visit the GOV.UK website for more information about Universal Credit and how to claim it.

Universal Credit will not cover Council Tax. View information about how to claim Council Tax Reduction if you need help to pay your Council Tax

When you report a change of circumstances, please tell us:

  • the exact date the change happened and
  • what the change is (please give us as much information as you can - so we don’t have to get back in touch with you to ask more questions).

You must provide evidence at the same time as you notify us about the change - so please have this ready. If you don’t provide evidence, we won’t be able to update your claim.

A table listing examples of the evidence you must provide us when your circumstances change.
Circumstance Evidence you must provide
Moving out of the area Please provide details of your forwarding address.
Moving in the area Details of your forwarding address and, if your new address is rented, proof of your new rent (for example, your tenancy agreement).

You will need to tell us how many rooms there are in the new property and, if you share the property with anyone else, how many rooms are just for you.

If your landlord has changed and you want Housing Benefit paid to them, we will need the landlord's bank sort code, account number and the name on the account.
Starting work Contract of employment (showing hours of work and rate of pay) or first wage slip.
Finishing work Your last wage slip or P45.
Change in benefits Details of the change and new award letter.
Someone has moved in Name, date of birth, National Insurance number, nationality and previous address of this person - plus proof of their income, proof of any capital they have and the details of any land or property they own.

If more than one person has moved in, you will need to provide these details for each person.
Someone has moved out Please provide their forwarding address.
Change in income Details of the change and proof of your new income; for example, award letters or wage slips.
Someone who lives with me has had an income change Details of the change and proof of their new income; for example, award letters or wage slips.
Rent has changed A letter from your landlord confirming the new amount of rent and the date of the change.
Savings have changed Bank statement, share certificates, premium bonds.

Last updated: 01/06/2022 18:11

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