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Capital funding

Supporting local projects that benefit the wider community, address local needs and make a significant difference to the local community. Visit Asda Foundation website.

Supporting capital projects in the fields of community, education, health and social welfare. Visit Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation website.

Awarding funds from the National Lottery The Big Lottery Fund offer a number of grant opportunities to bring real improvements to communities and to the lives of people most in need. Visit Big Lottery Find website.


Supporting projects working in the field of social and criminal justice, heritage and conservation and older people.  Visit Charles Hayward Foundation website.

Funding to improve the lives of people and communities, particularly those facing disadvantage. Visit Clothworkers Foundation website.

Assists homeless and hospice charities with construction related projects. The aim is to refurbish and develop facilities for the homeless to a much higher standard than would otherwise be possible. Visit CRASH website.

Supports organisations working in the areas of welfare, youth, community, arts, faith, environment, education, health and museums and heritage. Visit Garfield Weston Foundation website.

Supports projects that assist individuals in their return to mainstream society, rather than simply offer shelter or other forms of sustenance. Visit Help the Homeless website.

Offers a variety of grants encouraging the exploration and restoration of our heritage. Visit Heritage Lottery Fund website.

Supports projects which involve all or most family members in initiatives that support and encourage the family to work as a cohesive unit in tackling problems that face one or more of its members. Visit Kelly Family Charitable Trust website.

The organisation's vision is to see a world in which no young person is homeless, supporting renovation and new build projects. Visit LandAids Grants programme website.

Fast track or multi-year grants in the fields of education, disability, children and young people and the relief of need. Visit Leathersellers Company Charitable Fund.

Offer community support grants on the themes of financial hardship, health and disability, education and employability, social exclusion and disadvantage. Visit Masonic Charitable Foundation website.

Supporting the start up, development and sustainability of community businesses. Visit Power to Change website.

Supporting housing projects for people with a wide range of needs, including mental & physical health; learning difficulties; the homeless; and women escaping domestic violence. Visit Quaker Housing Trust website.

Supporting capital costs or one-off short term activity such as an annual respite break or holiday for disadvantaged young people. Visit Rank Foundation website.

To safeguard the welfare, interests and memory of those who have served in the Armed Forces via employment and training, support for families, homelessness and outreach, supporting the elderly. Visit Royal British Legion website.

Supporting projects that improve people’s knowledge, skills or which provide innovative solutions to overcome social challenges under three priority areas - Explorer, Transformer and Changemaker. Visit Santander Discovery Grant website.

To fix, repair, maintain and improve properties and community facilities in deprived areas or for those in need, including decorating the homes of people living with illness and disability. Visit Screwfix Foundation website.

Supporting capital programmes under the themes of public amenities, biodiversity or historic buildings, structures or sites in qualifying areas. Visit SUEZ Communities Trust website.

Helping to deliver positive and lasting change to UK society focusing on community and social welfare, education and training and heritage. Visit Swire Charitable Trust website.

For projects which develop local communities, including purchasing equipment, improving buildings and outdoor spaces and events. Visit Tesco Bags of help website.

To encourage social inclusion through ministries of healing and the arts. Visit the Anchor Foundation website.

Support local communities looking to develop historic buildings, offering grants for early development work and project planning and loans for acquisition and as working capital for project delivery. Visit the Architectural Heritage Find website.

To acquire or upgrade physical assets such as buildings, fixtures and fittings, machinery, furniture and other equipment; for revenue costs; and for special projects. Visit The Beaverbrook Foundation website.

Supporting community-based organisations who work directly with older people who need some form of extra support to make everyday living that bit easier. Visit The Dunhill Medical Trust website.

Supports smaller groups, embedded in their communities, which work directly with people who are on the edges of mainstream society, encouraging inclusion, integration and independence. Visit The Tudor Trust website.

Funds new buildings, refurbishments and equipment for organisations delivering excellent care and support, focal themes are: palliative care and hospices older people transitions and independence. Visit the Wolfson Foundation website.

Supporting projects that help disadvantaged children and their families to alleviate suffering; support children through awful experiences and encourage achievement through adversity. Visit Toy Trust website.

Supporting established small to medium charitable organisations with a track record of addressing local problems in communities of extreme urban deprivation or remote, needy rural locations. Visit Trusthouse Charitable Foundation website.

Support youth clubs that provide opportunities for improving social skills, team spirit and self-esteem for young people aged from 8 to 18 years. Visit Variety Club website.

Support small registered charities working in the fields of social welfare, literature, arts and heritage, environmental causes and animal welfare and education and training. Visit Veolia Environmental Trust website.

Supports mentally, physically disadvantaged children through funding building work; equipment & activity aids, sensory rooms and gardens; playgrounds, sports areas; transport and soft playrooms. Visit Wooden Spoon Society website.

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