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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) complaints

This process is for complaints about the actions or decisions on the part of the council in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

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There are two stages to the complaints procedure. These are:

Stage 1

This is where you tell us what is wrong and we try to resolve it for you. We will try really hard to resolve your concerns, and a manager will then send you a written response. This can take between 10 and 20 working days.

Due to the challenges that may be posed by investigating historical matters, timescales maybe extended if access is required to archived records or if complaints relate to multiple council services. Complainants will be advised if this is the case and will be regularly updated on the progress of the investigation.

Stage 2

This is if you are not happy with the response you received at Stage 1. We will arrange to have your concerns looked into further, which could lead to an independent investigation. An Independent Investigator and an Independent Person will speak with you and anyone else they think could help them look into your concerns. They will then write a report.

The report will be sent to you with a written response from the Director of the Service. We will aim to complete the investigation within a maximum of 65 working days. There may, however, be occasions when this timescale will be exceeded, for example in complex cases that require access to a significant number of records. You will be updated regularly if this is the case.

If you remain unhappy with the response you have received at Stage 2, you will be informed in writing of what other avenues of redress remain available to you.

If you have exhausted the complaints procedure and you are still not satisfied, you can approach the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

If you would like further information about the CSE Complaints process, please contact the Customer Relationship team.

Last updated: 22/05/2024 08:16

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