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Small business rate relief

Small business rates relief is available to reduce business rates bills for some small businesses. 

You won’t pay any business rates on a property with a Rateable Value (RV) of £12,000 or less provided it is the only property which you occupy.

For properties with a rateable value of £12,001 to £15,000, the rate of relief will go down gradually from 100% to 0%.

In general this relief is only available to businesses who occupy either:

  • one main property with a RV which is less than £15,000 or
  • one main property (with a RV which is less than £15,000) plus other additional properties providing:
    • the additional properties each have a RV which is below £2899 and
    • the total RV of all your properties is less than £20,000.

In this instance, relief will only be award on your main property.

If you use more than one property and occupy additional properties you’ll keep getting any existing small business rates relief on your main property for 12 months.

We try to automatically apply small business rates relief and this should be detailed on your bill. However, if this is not, please complete our online application form.

Complete our online form to apply for small business rate relief

Even if you don’t qualify for small business rates relief, providing your RV is less than £51,000 your bill will be calculated using the small business multiplier, which is lower than the standard multiplier. The correct multiplier is automatically applied to your bill and therefore, there is no need to apply ask for us to use the lower value.

  • National non-domestic rating multiplier (49.9p in 2020/2021).
  • Lower small business non-domestic rating multiplier (51.2p in 2020/2021). 

Last updated: 04/08/2022 12:44

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