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Affordable Warmth Strategy Consultation

Please download the draft version of the new "Affordable Warmth Strategy 2021 - 2026" and download the Action Plan, written to make homes more energy efficient in our borough. Its main aims are to:

  • reduce the number of houses classed as being in fuel poverty – 9.4%, that equates to more than seven thousand households, in Telford and Wrekin are considered to be fuel poor. While this is below the national and regional average, and reflects work we’ve already done, we should be mindful that, with the knock on effects of the global pandemic and a change in the National Fuel Poverty Indicator, this figure may rise in the short term.
  • target areas with the highest fuel poverty levels and address inequalities – parts of South Telford, Dawley Bank and Oakengates, among others, have fuel poverty levels of over 14%. This is considered high, with the average in the Greater West Midlands area being 11.9%. We will be concentrating geographical projects, financed by funding such as Central Government’s Local Authority Delivery Programme, in these areas  
  • improve the health and wellbeing of the borough’s most vulnerable people – we continue to strengthen our relationships with our colleagues in the health sector to ensure we target assistance to those considered most vulnerable, including those with serious cold or damp related illnesses such as respiratory conditions, life limiting illness and mental health issues. 

The strategy also compliments and supports a number of national, regional and local policies and initiatives, not least our own Health and Well-being Strategy – aiming to close the gap on health inequalities, and The Climate Change Action Plan – encouraging take-up of renewable technology measures across the borough. We will also encourage local innovation and stimulate local employment wherever possible.

Over the last 6 months we have already made considerable progress in delivering objectives highlighted in the strategies action plan. These include:

  • publishing the ECO Flex Statement of Intent in order that we can help more residents of the borough finance heating and insulation measures. This is a public statement of the criteria set by the local authority to identify households eligible for energy efficiency measures provided under Energy Company Obligation 3 funding
  • being awarded over ½ million pounds of Local Authority Delivery Funding to deliver a pilot scheme that will largely be concentrated in the South Telford area
  • allocating £40,000 of capital funding to “top-up” existing grants where vulnerable residents have been expected to make a contribution
  • supporting our partner organisation, Marches Energy Agency to help them promote and manage the schemes available
  • and developing a bespoke communications plan to make information easier to access. It has been acknowledged that, as domestic energy efficiency is an ever changing market, up-to-date and correct information is difficult for residents to locate. We are therefore, launching a stand-alone web-site in the autumn (to coincide with the start of the sectors busiest period), that will have a local flavour and be constantly up-dated as policies and offers change.

This strategy will continue to support the aims and objectives of Telford & Wrekin Council by protecting, caring and investing to reduce fuel poverty and provide affordable warmth for all our residents.

As one of our partners, we are asking you to take part in the six week consultation, by answering the attached questions and making further comment should you wish to. The closing date for return is 5pm on 21 June 2021.

Last updated: 10/05/2021 10:23

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