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Rogue landlords

The majority of landlords within Telford and Wrekin provide safe and suitable housing for their tenants; however there are some landlords and letting agents who will deliberately ignore the law and avoid their legal responsibilities.

Telford and Wrekin Council are committed to ensuring that all tenants in the Borough are living in safe and secure housing that is suitable for their needs, without fear of eviction or harassment from their landlord/letting agent.

Examples of activity which we will investigate includes:

  • deliberately allowing tenants to live in unsafe housing
  • not using competent persons, i.e. Gas Safe Registered contractors
  • causing or permitting overcrowding
  • not being part of a redress scheme
  • unfair terms in a tenancy agreement
  • harassment, threats of eviction
  • permitting and/or encouraging false housing benefit/universal credit claims
  • not providing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property
  • renting a property which falls below the minimum efficiency standard
  • failing to provide a tenancy agreement
  • not checking a tenant’s right to reside in the UK
  • allowing or permitting illegal activity to carry on at a property
  • letting agents not displaying their fees at their premises or on their website
  • landlords not securing deposits in a Government - backed tenancy deposit scheme.

If you are experiencing or suspect rogue, unfair or unlawful activity by a landlord/letting agent, please complete the form:

Complete our online form to report a rogue landlord

Please note: if you wish to report items of disrepair in your own property, or someone else’s then please use the property disrepair form and a Private Sector Housing Officer will be able to investigate this for you. View more information about the property disrepair form.

The list of rogue activity is not exhaustive and you should report any activity which you think is unfair or unlawful to the Rogue Landlord Taskforce so that this information can be fully investigated.

Last updated: 10/01/2023 14:54

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