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Report an accident/incident at work

As an employer, or self employed person, you have certain legal duties under the Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) to report certain accidents, incidents and near misses.

All reportable incidents can be reported online via the Health and Safety Executive website (HSE). Once completed, the form is submitted directly to the RIDDOR database and you will get a copy for your own records.

Visit the HSE website to report an incident

Fatal and major injuries

Fatal and major injuries can be reported to the Incident Contact Centre:

Telephone: 0845 3009923 (Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 5pm).

Visit the HSE website for information about reporting accidents and incidents

Please note: an authorised officer may investigate a reportable accident/incident to identify any breaches of health and safety legislation.

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