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Wellbeing measurement for school staff - survey

Anna Freud - National Centre for Children and Families,

Staff wellbeing is at the heart of a whole-setting approach to mental health. However, we know from our own research that less than a quarter of schools carry out staff wellbeing surveys. That’s probably because schools and FE colleges are so focused on looking after their pupils, they often don’t have time to prioritise their staff.

We want to help you redress that balance. Our survey is simple to use and we hope that its findings will help you to support your staff and improve performance.

Our Wellbeing Measurement survey is another free resource from the Anna Freud Centre to provide schools and FE colleges with free, evidence-based resources you need to support your staff and pupils. It is part of our free 5 Steps Framework designed to develop a whole school and FE college approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Visit the Anna Freud website to download a copy of the survey

How to stay calm during a global pandemic - Free E-Book

National data indicates that the current global pandemic is resulting in increased anxiety and reduced wellbeing for many of us. Probably no surprise there. Over the past few weeks, Emma Hepburn has taken part in lots of interviews and been asked the same question a number of times: ‘How can Covid-19 impact on our mental health?’ Emma has created a free E-Book to help us to understand how wer are feeling and how to stay calm during the pandemic.

Download the How to Stay Calm During the Global Pandemic E-Book

Pupil Support Service and Education Psychology Service - training

We are delivering training that is a combination of theoretical, experiential and practical and requires attendees to actively participate, reflect on their own experiences and explore how they can put strategies in place. By the end of the course delegates will have a deeper understanding of the neurological and environmental processes which effect those hard to reach children, so they are better prepared to learn and schools are better able to support them, and an awareness of how schools can support children across the school in an attachment friendly way. To find our more details about this training, including dates and any other training.

Download the School Improvement Service Continuing Professional Development 2019 - 2020 brochure for more information on training

Attachment Aware Schools - a training resource for educators

Attachment Aware Schools is a partnership between Bath Spa University, Bath and North East Somerset Council, the National College for Teaching and Leadership, a range of third sector organisations, attachment specialists, and schools.

A growing number of children and young people have emotional and behavioural needs that go beyond the strategies we have learned through our training and experience. Whilst these children and young people can be hard to reach, they need our greatest nurturing and care.

Research indicates that an awareness of how to support children and young people’s emotional needs and development can promote better learning and health outcomes. National policy and guidance, like the Marmot Review, confirms this.

There is a body of information and research available to specialist practitioners, like social care and mental health staff, that we want to share with the teachers and school support workers who make a difference every day in schools and early years settings.

So far we have brought together schools, other settings and their partner agencies with specialist trainers. Together, the aim of the work has been to create ‘attachment aware’ schools and communities in which all children and young people experience the nurturing environments they need to grow and achieve.

On this site, you’ll find resources from our Attachment Aware Schools training programme. You will also find a list of trainers and organisations who are able to work with you to develop greater attachment awareness in your school. All the materials are informed by research and based on evidence from classroom practice.

Visit the Attachment Aware Schools website to find our what attachment aware schools are

Visit the Bath spa website to view the attachment aware school pilot projects finding for more information on the project

BEAM - emotional health and well-being drop-in centres

BEAM is run by the Children's Society, a national charity that works with the most vulnerable children and young people in Britain today.

BEAM is an emotional well-being drop-in service for children and young people. Talking about how you're feeling isn't always easy, but Beam are here to help.

For more information about the history of our organisation, as well as details of our various projects, Please download information leaflets:

To contact BEAM - please email ShropshireBeam@childrenssociety.org.uk.

Parents/carers and Young People can request support via the new registration system, visit the children's society website for more information on how to register.

The walk-in provision will not be opening from Holy Trinity Church in Oswestry from Tuesday 12 January 2021 due to the new COVID-19 restrictions. A further update will be shared once known.  

SMASH Life - overcoming life's hurdles together!

Andy and Matt Smith are brothers who were placed into the care system by social services after neglectful parenting from their biological mother and father.

Picture of the SMASH Life logoIn their experience many young people often ask professionals “What do you know?” this is where their service differs from others as they have lived a life within the care system and without a mum and dad for the majority of their lives.

Combined with their professional experience and qualifications they are able to offer that shared life experience and offer advice and guidance based on real life and not just from a text book. They find this resonates with young people because as adults they are able to open up to them and in turn they open up.

Smash Life is also creative on its approach to mentoring and getting young people to open up. It is limiting to just sit in a room and ask a young person to just “talk about it” and this can be oppressive for some young people.

By bringing sport, music, games, walks, and trips to the Mentoring they have found they create better results and the young people actually enjoy and look forwards to the sessions.

Download the Smash Life brochure to see the services and opportunities Smash Life offer

Visit the Smash Life website for more information about overcoming life's hurdles

Step - By - Step

Step by Step is a free Samaritans service that provides practical support to help schools, universities and other youth settings such as Scouts, sports clubs etc. prepare for and recover from a suspected or attempted suicide.

Download the Step by Step flyer for more information on the services Step by Step provide


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