Empty properties

Image of Watling street empty property.


Watling Street, Wellington


This property at Watling Street has been empty since 2019. 

It was reported to the council by neighbours who were concerned with odours from the property and damp which was affecting their own properties.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Empty Property Officer (EPO) carried out an assessment of the property and carried out background checks with the land registry, council tax information and obtained information about the property’s history.


The EPO was able to trace the owners who were dealing with the estate of the deceased owner. 

As they lived locally they agreed to visit the property and reported that a blocked drain was causing a problem and Severn Trent has now resolved the issue

The EPO asked the owners what their intentions were for the property and offered advice and guidance with regards to what the next steps could be.

Following the advice and support, the owners subsequently cleared the property and put it on the market for sale.

Current situation

The property was sold quickly and new owners have moved in which has been particularly pleasing for the neighbours and neighbourhood overall.

 Image of Cornflower grove.


Cornflower Grove, Ketley, Telford


Cornflower Grove was a private rented property, managed by the owners who are based in Shrewsbury.

After a complaint was made from a local resident saying that the property wasn’t secure, the council’s Empty Properties Officer (EPO) carried out an initial inspection where it became clear that the property had been abandoned and was in a poor state.

She carried out checks to find out who owned the property through the land registry and to find out more about council tax and the property’s history.


The EPO contacted the owner who did not know the property had been abandoned and took measures to prevent further unauthorised access and nuisance to neighbours.

The property had been badly damaged and previous tenants had left a lot of rubbish so the owner agreed to clear it and also update the neighbours about plans for the property.

The EPO remained in touch with the owner and made further visits to check on progress clearing the property.

Current situation

The owners renovated the property and it was sold quickly. New owners have now moved in to the property (pictured).

Image of the Masda House.


The Lawns, Wellington


The Lawns had been empty since 2004 following a family bereavement and issues with probate giving the family the legal right to deal with the property.

As a result the property had been left to deteriorate badly.

Telford & Wrekin Council intervened and served notices to address the visual detriment of the property prior to a report to the Empty Properties Officer (EPO).

At this point the owners were also in substantial council tax debt.


The EPO carried out background checks to determine ownership and previous property history, including collating information around outstanding charges.

A second property was identified as a concern and the EPO engaged with the solicitor who was taking action to sell one of the properties to address the debt.

During this time the EPO maintained contact with the neighbours responding to their concerns.

Current Situation

The owners have now moved back into property after it had been cleared and partially renovated.

Meanwhile, the second property has now been marketed and is under offer for a sale.

The EPO is continuing to monitor the progress of that property to ensure that it comes back into occupancy. 

Last updated: 04/08/2022 10:03

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