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Empty properties

This property had been empty for over 18 years since the previous owner died.

The council received complaints from neighbours about the condition of the property attracting vermin and concerns about potential antisocial behaviour.

This was also having a negative impact on the value and saleability of neighbouring properties.

The council’s empty property officer engaged with the current owner through pre-enforcement methods, which triggered improvement works to start on site and the council continued to inspect the property over a period of a year to monitor progress.

As a result, the property was made habitable enough for the owner’s family to move into it and they continue to make improvements.

Before renovation

Image of a house  Image of a house  Image of a house

During renovation

renovation of a house renovation of a house

After renovation

After a house has been renovated

These are two semi-detached properties which had been empty for more than 10 years. The condition of the properties was affecting the amenity of the area.

The council’s empty property officer conducted inspections to assess conditions within the properties.

An internal inspection showed poor condition of the properties with failed ceilings, damp and rotten windows. There was also water ingress and other serious disrepair to both properties.

A complete refurbishment was required for both with an estimated timescale of over 9 months to complete.

The officer worked on this case for 2 years to engage with owners, monitor progress and support them into bringing the properties back into reoccupation.

Both properties are now occupied.

Before renovation

House before renovation House before renovation House before renovation

After renovation

House after renovation House after renovation

This property had been a cause for concern for over 20 years.

Enforcement action, including the service of a prohibition order, meant the owner had to be re-housed due to the extremely dangerous condition of the property.

An assessment highlighted internal damage and damage to the roof caused by a previous fire.

The council’s empty property officer supported the owner by arranging additional help and support for him as well as helping him to sell the property by arranging auctioneers and solicitors.

The council also facilitated engagement between the owner and the auctioneers and solicitors and other internal council departments to ensure the best outcome whilst working to bring the property back into use.

Neighbours were constantly communicated with in terms of any progress being made.

The property is currently being renovated by the new owner. A single storey rear extension has been built and previous dangerous extensions have been removed.

It has been stripped back to brick and is in the process of being repaired throughout.

All new windows and doors, new services such as water, gas and electricity are also being installed within the property.

This case will continue to be monitored until the property is occupied once again.

Before renovation

House renovation before

Image of a house Image of a house

During renovation

Image of a house Image of a house

Image of a house

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