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Get involved in the delivery of Happy Healthy & Active Holiday’s

We are seeking interest from organisation who may be able to support our Club Providers to deliver an element of their scheme. 

As a Delivery Partner you will have a specialism or a venue that you can offer to assist our Happy Healthy & Active Holiday Club Providers. Our Club Providers may choose to pay you to use your venue or deliver your specialism at their activity sessions. Each Club Provider must meet the delivery standards set under this scheme, if you can support our Club Providers to meet these standards you can register to be included on the list of Potential Delivery Partners. Once approved your information will be shared with our Happy Healthy and Active Holiday Club Providers and will be available on the Telford & Wrekin Council’s website.

Please note: inclusion on this list does not guarantee business.

You can find full information on what Club Providers are expected to deliver on the Grant Funding (Club Provider) tab whilst below there is quick access to session information and Delivery standards.

Places should be available to eligible children for the equivalent of at least four hours a day, four days a week for one week at Easter, four weeks over the summer and one week at Christmas. These hours can be split across other weeks in the holiday, however, as a minimum providers should offer:

  1. Easter - four sessions totalling 16 hours
  2. Summer holiday – 16 sessions totalling 64 hours across at least four weeks
  3. Christmas – four sessions totalling 16 hours, however, an alternative ‘blended offer’ that includes some face-to-face and a take-home activity and or meal pack can be considered for the Christmas holiday

Whilst we would like all applicants to meet the above criteria, the panel may consider projects that fall outside of this condition where an application is particularly strong and local need is identified.    

All providers are required to upload their activities to an online booking system.

All participants of sessions will be required to book their session through the Happy Healthy & Active Holidays website.

Providers funded through the programme are expected to meet the government framework of standards.  The standards expected to be delivered by providers for this programme are:


Clubs must provide at least one meal a day (breakfast, lunch or tea) and all food provided at the club (including snacks) must meet school food standards. Our expectation is that the majority of food served by providers will be hot, however, we acknowledge that there will be occasions when this is not possible and that a cold alternative should be used (such as having a picnic during an outing). All food provided as part of the programme must comply with regulations on food preparation and take into account allergies and dietary requirements and preferences as well as any religious or cultural requirements for food. Food providers should take the time to read the guidance on the Food Standards Agency website and ensure that all food provision for the HAF programme meets these requirements.

Enrichment activities

Clubs must provide fun and enriching activities that provide children with opportunities to develop new skills or knowledge, to consolidate existing skills and knowledge, try out new experiences and have fun and socialise. This could include but is not limited to: physical activities such as football, table tennis, cricket; creative activities such as putting on a play, junk modelling, drumming workshops; or experiences such as a nature walk, visiting a city farm, free play and time to relax and enjoy etc.

Physical activities

Clubs must provide activities which meet the CMO Physical Activity Guidelines on a daily basis, providing a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity at each session. This does not have to be in the form of a structured activity session, but can include active travel, free play and sports. Children and young people should minimise the time spent being sedentary, and when possible should break up long periods of not moving with physical activity.

Nutritional education

Clubs must include an element of nutritional education at each session aimed at improving the knowledge and awareness of healthy eating for children. These do not need to be formal learning activities and could for example include activities such as getting children involved in food preparation and cooking, growing fruit and vegetables, taste tests, discussing food and nutrition and including food and nutrition in other activities.

Food education for families and carers

Clubs must include at least weekly training and advice sessions for parents, carers or other family members which provide advice on how to source, prepare and cook nutritious and low-cost food.

Signposting and referrals

Clubs must be able to provide information, signposting or referrals to other services and support that would benefit the children who attend their provision and their families. This could include sessions, information provided by:

  • Citizen’s Advice
  • School Nurses, dentists or other healthcare practitioners
  • Family Support Services or Children’s Services
  • Housing Support Officers
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Organisations providing financial education
  • How to access help for early years and childcare

Policies and procedures

Clubs must be able to demonstrate and explain their safeguarding arrangements and have relevant and appropriate policies and procedures in place in relation to:

  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Safety
  • Insurance
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness/equality and diversity
  • Where appropriate, clubs must also be compliant with the Ofsted requirements for working with children

In order to be included on the list of potential Delivery Partners you will need to download and complete the relevant Delivery Partners registration form:

Please submit your completed registration form by email to HolidayActivityHub@telford.gov.uk as soon as possible.

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