Worried about money?

There’s lots we can do to help. Find out what support is on offer.

Who is the local offer for?

To be able to get the support set out in the Local Offer, you must have been:

  • in care for at least 13 weeks between the ages of 14 and 18 and also including at least 24 hours aged 16 or 17. If you have been in care for less than 13 weeks, but with at least 24 hours aged 16 or 17, you are deemed a ‘Qualifying Care’ Leaver and parts of the ‘Local Offer’ can apply depending on an assessment of need.

Download the qualifying care leavers advice and assistance.

If you are not sure whether you qualify for support, then ask your Personal Adviser (PA). Your PA will talk with you about the information in the local offer.

You can ask your Personal Adviser for a printed copy.

Download the local offer to our care leavers 2023

How we can support you

Depending on your circumstances and the time you spent in care, the law describes four different groups of young people who are care experienced:

  • eligible
  • relevant
  • former relevant
  • qualifying.

You are an eligible young person if:

  • you are aged 16 or 17; and
  • you are currently in care;


  • you have been in care for a period of 13 weeks (or episodes which add up to 13 weeks) since your 14th birthday and at least one day whilst you were 16 or 17 years old.

You are a relevant young person if:

  • you are no longer in care, but you have been eligible and;
  • You are 16 or 17 years old (some relevant young people aged 16 and 17 who are detained (hospital or custody) may not have been eligible).

You are a former relevant young person if:

  • you are aged 18 - 25
  • immediately before you reached 18 you were an eligible or relevant young person.

You are a qualifying young person if:

  • you are aged 16 - 21 (or up to 25 if in education) and were in care for a short time on or after your 16th birthday.

Visit the Coram Voice website for information to help you work out if you are a care leaver.

Last updated: 06/07/2023 13:16