Worried about money?

There’s lots we can do to help. Find out what support is on offer.

Money matters

We will try to help you financially, in a similar way to how parents would support their own children.

How we do this

  • Support you with budgeting through our partners such as Lloyds who offer workshops on financial skills for independence.
  • Direct you to the Money Advice Service if you need help with managing your expenses and any debt you may have.
  • Sign post you to support services such as Citizens Advice.
  • Help you to open a bank account.
  • Prior to leaving care we will ensure that you have valid identity documents: a current passport, a provisional or full driving licence and copy of your birth certificate. These will help you access benefits if you need them, and open a bank account of your own. We will also ensure you have your National Insurance number.
  • Support you to access your Setting Up Home Grant up to £3,559 in total for essential items to furnish and set up your first property as you need it up to age 25 this includes content insurance for first year independent living, TV Licence, Home Starter Pack, cooker fitting and removals.
  • We will pay for your TV Licence for the first 12 months in accommodation if required.
  • Support and Information to access your savings and JISA if you have them. We can also show you how to set up a savings account.
  • Support, advice and guidance on applying for Criminal Injury Compensation Authority Awards if relevant with the option to support you to set up a funded Telford and Wrekin Leaving Care Discretionary Trust Fund to be held up to age 21/25.
  • Support to access charities who offer funding towards driving related costs; where this is not available we will support you with match funding of 10 driving lessons; one provisional licence, one theory test, one test booklet and 1 practical driving test. We can also support you to access our driving experience offer in partnership with Pathfinder project.
  • Support you to keep in contact with family and friends through train or bus tickets.
  • Exceptional financial support in emergencies as a young person who has left care.
  • Providing Birthday and Festival gifts/allowances – your PA will support access to this. If you keep in touch with us from ages 21-25 we will provide a one off £25 payment per year.
  • All Telford and Wrekin Care Experienced Young People, up to the age of 25, can apply for up to 100% council tax exemption.
  • As a care leaver, you can access bursary payments from your college or training provider, your PA will be able to provide you with a supporting letter detailing your eligibility to this funding.
  • We will fund the cost of a Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) package.
  • View information on how to access your Telford and Wrekin ValU app for a range of discounts and savings from national retailers and supermarkets.

Last updated: 03/07/2023 09:55

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