Holiday Activities and Eat Well Fund

Please read the grant criteria in full to ensure you are eligible and that your expression of interest meets the grant criteria.

The aim is to have a co-ordinated programme of activity within each ward, therefore organisations need to ensure that they are not duplicating or competing with the activities delivered by another organisation, please ensure you liaise with other organisations in your ward in order to avoid duplication.

Applying for Funding

You are not required to fill in a grant application form, at this stage we are seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from organisations. The information that we require you to submit in your EOI is outlined in Expression of Interest requirements.

Alongside your expression of interest you are also required to submit:

  • evidence of your organisations governance documents
  • accounts or last 3 bank statements for your organisation
  • evidence of your safeguarding policies and procedures.

You must submit your EOI and above documentation electronically to by 9.30am, Monday 16 March 2020.

The full range of documents related to the Holiday Activity and Eat Well Fund can be viewed using the following links:

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