Food premises registration

Who needs to register?

Anyone who runs a food business must inform the local authority. This includes any premises you use for storing, selling, distributing or preparing food. Food premises includes restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, supermarkets, staff canteens, kitchens in offices, warehouses, guest houses, delivery vehicles, buffet cars on trains, market and other stalls, hot dog and ice cream van etc., whether run for profit or not.

If you use vehicles for your food business in connection with permanent premises such as a shop, warehouse, you only need to tell the local authority how many vehicles you have. You do not need to register each vehicle separately. If you have one or more vehicles but no permanent premises, you must tell the authority where they are normally kept.

The majority of premises will have to be registered. Anyone starting a new food business must register with the local authority at least 28 days before doing so.

Who needs to gain approval?

Certain premises do not require registration but must be approved by the local authority instead under Regulation 853/2004.

These premises are known as product specific premises and they produce products of animal origin, such as pasteurised milk, cooked meats or meat/fish based ready meals for example.

If you think that your business may fall into this category, please contact us for advice and use the application form for approval of a food business establishment.

Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge.

If you use premises in more than one local authority area, you must register with each authority separately.

You must tick all the boxes which apply to your business, answer all the questions and give all the information requested. Seasonal businesses operating for a certain period each year should give the dates between which they will be open.

It is an offence to give information which you know is false.

Last updated: 9.58pm on Thursday 27 August 2015

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