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Food premises registration

Registration of premises used for a food business (including market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures) is required by law.

Registration will allow local authorities to keep an up-to-date list of all those premises in their area so they can visit them when they need to. The frequency of the visits will depend on the degree of risk involved.

Regulation summary

  • Article 6(2) of Regulation 852/2004 - Registration of food premises.
  • Article 6(2) of Regulation 853/2004 - Approval of a food business.

Application evaluation

Process Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge.

All food businesses in the Telford & Wrekin area are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that the food sold to the public is safe to consume. The frequency of inspections depends on the potential risk posed by the type of business and its previous record. Some premises might be inspected at least every six months, others less often.

Visit the Food Standards Agency website to view the results as part of the National Food Hygiene Rating scheme.

The purpose of an inspection is:

  • to ensure that the food is being handled and produced hygienically
  • to ensure that food is safe to eat
  • to look at the potential risk for food poisoning or injury as a result of food consumed
  • to ensure that the food handling staff are trained in food hygiene and handling
  • to inspect the condition of equipment and the premises
  • to insure there are precautions to prevent pest infestation
  • to ensure that staff are aware of personal hygiene.

Inspectors will look at the operation of a food business to identify potential hazards and to ensure they are following the law. If problems are identified during the inspection, inspectors can take enforcement action to protect the public.

Will tacit consent apply?


Target completion period  

Due to inspections by the Council applications can take up to 28 days to process, i.e. from receipt of the application to registration.


Any person aggrieved by Telford & Wrekin Council's refusal to register an operator or premise should use the Council's complaints policy and procedure.

Any person wishing to make a complaint about the hygiene of a food premises or an item of food you have bought in Telford & Wrekin Council should contact the Council on the above details.

Public registers or databases

Under Regulation 882/2004 certain information on the food premises register is open to the public. You may request information on a single premise, a category of premises or the whole registration database.

Charges may be made for this service.

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