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Labelling claims

  • If a food makes any sort of slimming claim, or that it has extra vitamins or minerals, or is low in some nutrient, some additional information has to be given, including nutritional information, which has to be stated in a certain way.
  • There are special rules concerning the labelling of food as 'organic', 'Homemade', 'traditional' 'fresh', etc.
  • There are guidelines to be followed when words such as 'natural' are used.
  • There are guidelines to be considered concerning descriptions of foods as suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • There are additional requirements should an ingredient be given special emphasis.
  • There are special considerations relating to the use of illustrations.
  • The term 'home-made' should not be used when a food is made from basic ingredients on your premises. A customer would not expect a 'home-made' product to be mass produced and simply cooked and reheated on site.

Visit gov.uk for technical guidance on nutritional labelling (PDF, 592KB)

Visit the NHS website for information about food labelling terms

Last updated: 05/10/2022 15:31

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