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Potholes and other defects can form quickly and become a hazard to all road users. You can help us to keep the roads safe by reporting the location of defects.

We will inspect all defects that are reported and if they are dangerous we will aim to repair them within one working day. All other potholes will be repaired as part of a planned programme of work. Most repairs will be permanent but if we plan to carry out maintenance later in the year or if the road is due to be inspected the repair will be temporary.

Complete our online form to report a pothole

Please note we are responsible for fixing most of the roads and pavements in the borough; however, we are not responsible for private un-adopted roads or the M54.

Visit the Highways Agency website to report a problem with the M54

How are potholes formed?

  • Water seeps through the cracks in the road and causes the base to soften.
  • During periods of extreme cold, the water freezes and expands. This causes more cracks to form in the tarmac; the tarmac is then pushed out like a bubble.
  • The ice thaws and the sun dries up all the water. This creates a hole under the surface of the tarmac. These get larger each time water seeps in to the hole, freezes and expands.
  • With the base weakened the weight of traffic causes the road surface to collapse into the hole that was formed from water freezing, expanding and thawing under the surface.
  • A pothole is formed once the road surface has collapsed; wear from traffic causes the hole to get bigger.

Last updated: 18/08/2022 10:51

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