Getting an assessment

Initially we will need to have a discussion with you to find out about you, your current circumstances and what is important to you.

From this discussion:

  • we will determine what is working well for you
  • what support would assist you to be more independent
  • what advice and information can we provide to support you
  • identify what support maybe available locally in the community to help and support you
  • consider what type of support is needed, this will also help us determine if a Care Act assessment is needed

Care Act assessment: A Care Act assessment is when we will discuss with you, your family, friends, carer or advocate, your situation and how well you are managing everyday activities. This could include managing your personal care, having a job, getting out and about and being part of the community or household tasks. This will be completed by a Social Worker or Adult Practitioner.

This will help us to understand what you are able to do and what support you may need to carry on living independently. For more information view our Care Act assessment information page.

Occupational Therapy (OT) assessment: Occupational Therapy assess you and your home environment to help identify equipment that will enable you to be more independently.

The Occupational Therapist will also work with you to maximise your independence, using various techniques and offering equipment on loan. If your needs are more complex and long term, adaptations to your property may be considered. For more information view our Occupational Therapy assessment information page.

Carers assessment: if you provide unpaid informal care to family or friends, you may wish to have a Carers assessment. A carer’s assessment provides you with the opportunity to identify what information; advice and support will be beneficial to you by reflecting on your situation. For more information view the Looking after someone information page.

View how to contact Adult Social Care on the information and advice page.

Last updated: 18/06/2020 14:32