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Madebrook Pools and Stirchley Dingle

Image of the local nature reserve - Madebrook Pools and Stirchley Dingle.

This 5.4 hectare site was declared as a Local Nature Reserve in 2014. The Madebrook runs through the heart of Stirchley and leads walkers south to Holmer Lake. The perfect destination for a quick boost of nature during a busy day!

Download the Madebrook Pools and Stirchley Dingle site map and guide

Things to see and do

Following the historic route of the Madebrook this small but fantastic site is located to the south of the Town Park at the heart of Telford between Stirchley and Brookside. The sites footpaths lead walkers through flowering wet grasslands, woodland and the two fantastic ponds and link Grange Pool to the north and Holmer Lake to the south. The Madebrook Pools are fringed with common reed and home to reed warblers, kingfishers and in recent years have been visited briefly by ‘little egret’ a member of the heron family. The site is cared for by Telford & Wrekin Council with support from the Friends of Holmer Lake and Madebrook, members of the Telford Green Space Partnership and Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council.

Water safety

We want everyone to be safe when visiting our sites that have water features within them. 

We work closely with the Royal Life Saving Society on managing water safety on our sites and further details on advice can be found on the RLSS website.

When visiting this site, here are a few tips to keep safe around the water: 

  • keep out of the water at all times 
  • never allow children to play near the water unless accompanied by an adult 
  • don't run near the water, you may trip and fall in 
  • learn how to help in an emergency; if you see someone in trouble in the water never jump in yourself. Stay calm and phone for help. Some sites across the borough have water safety sites and equipment, please only use the equipment when required. 

For more information on how to rescue a person from drowning please visit the RLSS website.


Stirchley Road/Grange Avenue/Holmer Farm Road


Roadside parking along Stirchley Road/Grange Avenue/Holmer Farm Road.

The location of Madebrook Pools and Stirchley Dingle on Google Maps

Last updated: 16/06/2023 09:24