Empty properties

Empty Properties are a wasted resource for both the owner of the property and those in need of housing and can blight a neighbourhood.

Telford & Wrekin Council is committed to tackling the issue of empty properties throughout the Borough as properties that are left vacant are a cause for concern for a number of reasons:

  • they are a wasted resource where housing demand is high in Telford
  • they can attract anti-social behaviour, crime, vandalism, arson and squatting
  • reduce property value locally
  • they can be a considerable financial burden on owners
  • they are a source of anxiety for owners and neighbours.

Reoccupied properties provide homes for those in need, improve the local area and provides a financial return for the owner.

Telford & Wrekin Council provide a free service to owners of empty properties offering advice and support to help bring the property back into use. We can help with:

  • providing support to bring the property back in to use
  • selling the property and helping you organise valuations
  • helping you to become an accredited Landlord and let your property through our Telford Homefinder scheme
  • help and advice regarding any repair and maintenance.

How bringing an empty property back into use benefits the owner:

  • rental income or proceeds from a sale
  • you wont be liable for the council tax anymore
  • it is less likely that your property will fall into disrepair.

Enforcement action:

  • if the property is in very poor condition externally, the Empty Property officer can liaise with Planning to identify if any further action can be taken under the Town and Planning Act Section 215
  • if there are health and safety issues with  the property the Empty Property Officer can liaise with Environmental Health to see if they can take enforcement action
  • if the Council have considerable charges on a property we can consider Enforced Sale but this process is lengthy and requires court action so we would only consider this as a last resort. Download the Enforced sale procedure.

We often find that there isn’t any action we can take. In this case the Empty Property Officer will continue to try and engage with the owner and continue to offer support and advice until the property is occupied.

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Last updated: 25/06/2021 13:45

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