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What to do if you feel you could use a friend or more company

There are a number of practical things we can do to feel less lonely and to improve our mood.

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we have all felt cut off from other people and more lonely.

You might still feel this way even with restrictions being lifted.

So, we’ve put together some practical advice that can be used with Coronavirus restrictions in place or not.

You’re not alone in feeling this way – it’s okay to feel lonely

Often, we feel like we’re the only ones who could use a friend or feel lonely.

On social media, we often see other people together. It’s tempting to think there must be something wrong with us. But this is not true, many people feel the same, and it’s important to acknowledge that others are struggling. On social media you usually only see things people want to share.

Make sure to reach out to those around you – keep in touch

Pick up the phone
A friendly chat can make a big difference. Text messages and emojis are not the same as having a conversation. Pick up the phone and talk to someone. Most people will appreciate a phone call and be glad to hear from you. Perhaps message someone who might also be feeling the same as you?

Get back in touch
Is there someone you have lost contact with? This might be the time to get back in touch. They will likely be glad to hear from you. It might be a bit much to pick up the phone, so an email or a text can start a conversation.

Do more than just chat
Chatting with people is one thing. But it is worth scheduling things to do with people together. Technology means that you don’t need to do this in person with someone. Think about mutual interests you have with the people you know and read the same book or watch the same TV show, so you can discuss it. There are several simple online games that can be plaid socially with others.

Reach out to new people – join a group

Join a group based on a shared interest
This is a great way to make connections, and groups are very welcoming. Technology means you can do this without being in the same room. Think about the activities you do that are part of who you are and look for groups centred on these activities. This could be gaming, singing, cooking, sport, gardening, woodwork – anything that you enjoy doing and talking about with other people. 

Ask others if you can join in
It’s likely you know people who are involved in similar groups. So, ask people you know if they are involved in any groups and if you can join. It can be helpful to know one other person who can introduce you to the group.

Local organisations can help

And finally, take it slowly and be kind to yourself

Your mood may not change instantly and that’s okay. Gradually set yourself small achievable things to do to change how you feel.

Make sure not to focus on the things you cannot change. Instead focus your time and energy into helping yourself feel better.

Remember that many people feel lonely at some point in their life and support is available.

Last updated: 10/06/2021 11:35