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Improve how you feel by connecting with others

Connecting with others is important. We can all do simple things to be a little more social and help those in our lives do the same.

Connecting with others can be hard for people sometimes, especially when we are busy, stressed or feeling low.

But there is lots of evidence that connecting with others can help us feel happier and healthier, whether it’s with family, friends, neighbours or people at work.

Quality social connection comes in lots of forms, and usually, the more connected you are, the better the benefits. How you choose to do it is up to you.

So, as part of our Year of Wellbeing we wanted to share with you five simple tips for building better social connections in your life and are proven to improve your wellbeing.

Make plans

Looking after your wellbeing is essential.

Make time for it! Set plans with people and stick to them.

Connect every day

Try to connect with someone you trust each day. Perhaps a fixed family or friend time where everyone puts away their phones, shares an activity, has a meal, or just talks.

Connecting every day with casual friends and acquaintances can have benefits as well. Try joining a new club or going out to events to meet new people. Take the time to talk on the phone, exchanging text messages or emails to stay connected with others as well.

Connect with your interests

Think about your interests and hobbies and look for groups centred on these activities. This could be singing, cooking, sport, gaming, gardening, woodwork – anything that you enjoy doing and talking about with other people. 

Search locally for groups based around these interests and fill up your diary. Say hello to the people who are there. It’s a fantastic way to meet like-minded people.

Reach out

Sharing your thoughts can really help. Whether it’s with someone you know, a volunteer or a professional. There is always someone who can listen. Have a think of someone you used to be close to who you can reach and connect with. Be curious and ask questions about themselves, as this can really help you make a good connection.

There are also many fantastic helplines with trained staff and volunteers who care about what you have to say and can offer you help if you need it.

Need someone to speak to? The following on local helplines run by volunteers.

Offer a helping hand

Volunteer your time to help others is a proven way to improve mental health. It is also a great way to connect with other volunteers as well as the people you are supporting. Start by finding a group you are interested in or a local charity. Get in touch and see if they need help. Or you can offer a favour to a neighbour or help out a colleague at work.

What will you do to connect with others?

Connecting with others is important, by doing some simple things to be a little more social we can improve how we feel and help those in our lives do the same.

So, what will you be doing with others to improve your mood? Do you have any thoughts and tips to share?

Want to know more about improving how you feel?

We have lots more tips and information to share with you that can help improve how you feel.

Join our Year of Wellbeing and make a pledge to improve your wellbeing this year and we will email you with tips and information you easily can put into practice.

This is your time to feel healthier and happier – join the year of wellbeing today.

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Last updated: 16/11/2021 08:10