Developing our vision

Our 2032 vision has been shaped by direct input from local people. We have spoken to over 2,900 residents from across the borough through a telephone survey and focus groups to find out what they liked about the borough and what they wanted to see change or improve over the next ten years.

Residents have told us what they like about Telford and Wrekin, including:

  • the people and community
  • a safe environment
  • a good mix of things to do
  • easy access to facilities and places
  • an abundance of green and open spaces.

Residents also shared their concerns about the future, including affordable housing, the provision of education, acquiring the necessary skills to secure good jobs and the impact of economic growth on the borough’s environment.

As well as listening to residents, we have looked at data about the borough to see what picture this paints of the challenges we face.

It shows there are very real differences between some of our communities in terms of how they experience life. There is an 8.8 year gap in life expectancy for men and 6.4 for women between our communities. These differences are often intergenerational and exacerbated by factors such as the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis. Too many residents are left behind or isolated. The fundamental goal of this vision is to build a more inclusive borough.

Tackling these issues will be challenging. The money that the borough’s public services receive has not kept pace with increased demand and they are struggling to meet this demand. For example, the money that the council receives from the government has fallen significantly over the past 13 years and it has had to make £136m cuts to its annual budget.

However, by working together in new ways, the council and its partners can deliver this vision. The borough is already in very good shape to start the journey.

Work between key partners is strong and effective. There is excellent university, college and school provision. We have a thriving economy with manufacturing as a core sector, a great housing offer and an attractive environment that residents value. Almost 80% of residents are satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live. Crucially, we have an abundance of pride among local people in the heritage and history of the borough - a powerful asset that we can harness to great effect.

Our vision identifies three ambitions to be delivered by 2032. These are:

A graphic showing the ambitions of the 2032 vision

Last updated: 20/09/2022 15:09