Ambition one: inclusive carbon neutral economy

In 2032...

The borough has a robust economy that has benefitted from growth in new sectors delivering well paid jobs, many of which are linked to a zero carbon economy. Entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive. Manufacturing remains a key sector and the borough is seen as the green engine of the West Midlands. Significant investment has been secured on the back of the borough’s reputation as a place that punches above its weight in the region. It’s a place where things get done.

The borough is well connected to the wider region and beyond. There are more, faster trains on the Shrewsbury-Telford-Black Country-Birmingham railway line. Improved links from the M54/M6 have been completed to further enhance investment in the M54 growth corridor. A better connected affordable bus network is available providing links to residential, leisure and employment sites. Complemented by a well maintained highway and active travel network providing clean travel options.

A group of school childrenAll properties in the borough are connected through superfast digital infrastructure and investment in this network has kept pace with ever-changing technology. It’s an essential part of the borough’s offer to investors and supports new, different ways of working including home working and ‘drop-in spaces’ in Telford town centre.

Technology has driven the development of ‘smart streets’ helping to improve their management and maintenance.

Tourism has grown thanks in part to the burgeoning heritage offer, which is now recognised as being borough-wide and includes sites in the Town Park such as the Stirchley Chimney and Furnaces, the guillotine locks built by Thomas Telford at Hadley Park and the canal at Newport.

Education and skills levels in the borough have improved and there is a high quality school offer with all judged as outstanding or good.

There is now a strong connection between the school curriculum and the needs of local employers with Telford College playing a pivotal role in ensuring the local workforce has the skills that match the requirements of local businesses. This is enabling them to prosper and secure investment with an ever-evolving set of specialisms including construction, media and automotive.

Harper Adams University enjoys an international reputation in food and agri-tech and is a global leader in tackling the future development of our planet’s food production and processing, animal sciences, engineering, land management and sustainable business.

This array of providers means residents of all ages and backgrounds can access the training necessary to enhance their skills, helping them to secure employment in the local economy. Skills are key to ensuring that no resident gets left behind.

Importantly, young people understand that the borough is a place where they can secure the right skills, get a well-paid job and live their best lives in Telford and Wrekin.

Growth is sustainable and managed. The economy and the borough are carbon neutral. The number of protected green spaces and nature reserves has increased - linking together existing and new green corridors while supporting and enhancing the borough’s biodiversity.

As the borough continues to grow, communities rather than housing estates are built. Physical infrastructure and public services, particularly health services, expand to meet increased demand and deliver improved access.

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Last updated: 20/09/2022 15:27