Delivering the vision

Developing the vision is only the first step. Making a real impact will involve changing individual and organisational behaviours, and require creativity, ambition and expertise.

As partners, we will need to radically change the way we work together and we know that this will take time, hard work and leadership.

There is an opportunity to try out new tools for collaborating, bringing together residents, businesses and others to test how we can use data, information and technology to help us get under the skin of problems.

We will not be afraid to take risks and experiment because this is the key to learning and getting it right.

Our new and innovative way of working together is a critical to the future success of the borough. It is the only way we will deliver on our ambition to make Telford and Wrekin a place where everyone has a chance to succeed by addressing the inequalities that have existed for far too long.

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Last updated: 20/09/2022 15:07