Adult Social Care recruitment

Our Adult Social Care Charter

Our charter has been developed with staff and members of our Making It Real Board. Experts by experience who have co-produced our Adult Social Care Charter to reflect the principles that are important to them.

It is made up of 5 overarching principles that all staff apply when supporting individuals and the people who are important to them.

Our making it real essential ingredients are:

  • we will always promote your independence
  • we will listen with empathy and understanding
  • you will know who to contact and we will always get back to you
  • our conversations will be honest and personal to you, we won’t just tick boxes
  • we will respect your decisions and be honest and open.

Nothing for you, without you - what this means in practice:

  • we apply a strengths based ethos throughout our interventions with individuals, adapting the 3 conversations model within our assessments and support plans
  • we ensure holistic assessments are completed, with a multi-agency approach
  • we ensure that all visits are meaningful to the individual and their families/carers
  • we capture our assessments as a narrative – limited questions are asked with individuals. The emphasis is about having meaningful and relevant conversations.

Management’s commitment to you:

  • listening to your ideas on how to deliver a better service with a monthly Practitioner Forum with the senior leadership team to involve/influence our service developments
  • giving autonomy and freedom in your decision making through locality peer challenge
  • being supportive and approachable
  • being knowledgeable and helping you to find answers
  • regular and meaningful supervision
  • reflective practice sessions
  • personal and professional development opportunities
  • regular meaningful training on issues affecting front line social work
  • regular communication sessions with senior management
  • dedicated adult social care legal advice
  • investment in application of streamlined case management system to further support social work practice
  • social work practice sessions with principle social worker for adults.

Our promise to you:

We are innovating to create strong communities - we will empower you to share your ideas, to make suggestions and to help us find new solutions to old problems. Whilst also supporting you with the latest technology and encouraging collaboration with our communities, partners and colleagues.

We don't focus on limitations; we focus on opportunities and possibilities. In doing so, we're perfectly placed to help you achieve your potential and enjoy a truly fulfilling career. This means you'll be able to empower our communities too, working together to help our resident’s live happier, healthier lives.

Why choose Telford & Wrekin Adult Social Care:

We are undertaking a journey of change within Adult Social Care – for the better!

We have listened to the issues and problems that our workforce have highlighted and taken steps to make Telford Adult Social Care a great place to work.

You will be given regular monthly time to use as your own training and development time. You can use this to access our online courses or take time to read and research professional areas of interest to you.

In addition to this you will receive regular face to face training with a ranch of internal and external training providers in a range of subject areas, some which will be chosen by you. We will develop and deliver internal workshops, again areas chosen by our teams, to ensure that our knowledge is up to date and relevant.

With your regular supervision you will be supported with your caseload. Managers and Seniors will ensure that you have the support you need to get the best outcomes for individuals and their families. Ensuing you have the opportunity to reflect on case issues and direct your supervision so it is the most helpful to you.

Your professional and personal develop will also be in addition to these sessions.

Team reflective sessions will also be held monthly to share experience and knowledge throughout the team.

We have a supportive team culture, and being a smaller organisation everyone knows each other and there is a real team spirit from all parts of the organisation. Our teams work very closely together and help each other out when needed this involves all levels of staff. You will have monthly team meetings to encourage team building, away days and workshops will be held within teams to support specific areas of learning.

We are constantly striving to improve. We know that social workers and managers need good quality support and challenge and believe our culture of high challenge / high support is key to our success. It underpins the way we work and helps drive continuous improvement.

We want social workers to have manageable workloads and fulfilling lives outside of the workplace. Our supportive culture helps this become reality. We offer flexible working policy, and mobile working is the norm for all front line Adult Social Care staff. You will be provided with a mobile working kit which can be used offline to support you with flexible working.

We recognise the imbalance of how much time our staff are spending filling in forms on a computer. So we are investing heavily in new ICT case management and recording systems. We strive to continually develop and refine these systems to make them user friendly and fit for purpose. This should mean far less repetition of paperwork, greater financial controls, stronger links with other service areas and ultimately spending less time at a computer. With greater efficiency and time saving, our staff will be freed up to focus on case work and making a difference to the individuals we are working with.

We know ourselves well and know what we want to achieve. We want to be an authority which other councils want to benchmark against. We want the people of Telford to live fulfilling lives striving for independence and autonomy. We want to work with individuals to ensure that they have high aspirations for themselves and their local communities.

Our senior leadership team are truly passionate and motivating in terms of the work we do and they operate an open door policy for all staff. The enthusiasm they possess cascades down through the whole service.

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