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This is what potential looks like to Isabel Mitchel

Picture of Isabel Mitchell

I am currently working as a social worker in Telford and Wrekin Adult Social Care. This is my first qualified role as a social worker, since gaining my degree from the University of Wolverhampton in 2017. I have been with Telford since June 2017 and started my ASYE the following September.

From my first day at Telford, I was made to feel welcome by all of my new colleagues, seniors and managers. I was immediately informed who was going to be my ASYE supervisor and what her role was.

At the start of my ASYE, I received weekly supervisions where I was able to discuss my progress within the ASYE, and also my caseload. My caseload is protected and the number of allocations is reviewed on a regular basis by myself and my ASYE supervisor.

As part of this experience, I have been given the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals, and from this I have been given the option and choice to decide which client group I would like to primarily work with. For me, this was transitions and learning disabilities.

My supervisor has also ensured I receive protected study leave where I can work on my portfolio and continue my studying. I have grown in confidence over the last 9 months, and this is thanks to the support I have received from my ASYE supervisor, colleagues, seniors and managers over the last 9 months. I am excited to see where my journey as a social worker in Telford and Wrekin will take me, and I look forward to the future.

This is what opportunity looks like to Joanna Clubley

Picture of Joanna Clubley

I started with Telford & Wrekin Council Mental Health team as a newly qualified social worker, where I was supported to complete my ASYE year. During my interview for the post in mental health, I expressed my long term aim being that of the role of an Approved Mental Health Professional. This was again highlighted as my continual professional development at the end of my ASYE. My senior social worker in the mental health team, supported and nurtured my ambition in offering me opportunities to shadow and gain experience needed to apply for the training.

I am now half way through my Approved Mental Health Professional training, I receive regular supervision from both my practice educator and practice supervisor, who are both extremely experienced and knowledgeable AMHP's . I have found their support to be invaluable, they are both always available to myself and offer time out to allow me time to reflect.

Picture of James Kingsfield

This is what support looks like to James Kingsfield

Since my short time in Telford what has stood out for me is the support from the team, in particular from the management, for example; flexibility when needed, understanding when feeling unsure of myself, desire to support my progression, regular supervision and accessibility to management, all the way up to Assistant Director.  These qualities make you feel valued and thus you value what you do to make a difference.

This is what innovative thinking looks like to Helen Cottrell

Picture of Helen Cotterell

The world of technology enabled care is growing fast with really exciting developments and innovations. Work in Adult Social Care can be a great opportunity to work with people in a truly creative way by supporting peoples outcomes with technology.

There is a real commitment in Telford to adopt new technologies and keep abreast of the market to ensure that we are working with people in a holistic way.

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