Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

Please don’t make us give you a parking ticket. From 31 January 2020 we will be able to issue fines. Please park legally and considerately.

Changes coming to Civil Parking Enforcement

School admission appeals

We operate a parental preference scheme and, wherever possible, will offer your child a place at your preferred school - as indicated on your application form. However, there are certain circumstances when it is not possible to offer a place, for example; when the year group is full.

Appealing before your child starts school

If you have applied for a place to start school in September 2019 and you have not been allocated a place at your preferred school you can appeal the decision.

Please note: for secondary school appeals, the online form can only be used to appeal for Burton Borough School or HLC Secondary School. For any other secondary school an appeal form should be obtained directly from the school.

If you wish to appeal you will need to log in to the School Admissions Portal within My Telford and follow the process and instructions provided.

School Admissions Portal

Please note: If an appeal is lodged in June, the appeal may not be heard until after the school summer holidays. Appeals are not heard during the school holidays.

Advice for parents on appeals for infant age children

Appeal hearings

School Admissions Timetable for Appeals 2019/2020

You have the right to put your case in person to the appeal panel whose decision is binding on both the Local Authority (LA) and parents. The panel consists of three people. None of them will work for the Council or have any connection with the school concerned.

Please note: the decision of appeal panels to allow additional admissions is extremely limited for Key Stage 1 (KS1/infant classes). KS1 classes must not contain more than 30 pupils.

Parents are only allowed one appeal for a place at the same school in the same academic year, unless there has been a significant change in circumstances, for example; a change of home address.

However, parents are entitled to submit appeals for more than one school.

The appeals panel meets approximately every two weeks during the academic year (excluding school holidays) for hearings.

Last updated: 1.07pm on Monday 15 April 2019

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