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The National Bus Strategy

In March 2021 the Government launched a new, long-term National Bus Strategy for England, backed by £3 billion in investment. To help achieve this strategy, there is a requirement for all local transport authorities to work with local bus operators to come up with ambitious plans for improving their local bus services and encouraging more people to use them. This arrangement is referred to as an ‘Enhanced Partnership’. The Enhanced Partnership will bring together the important skillsets and contributions of both parties, critical to a strong bus network within the Borough.

An Enhanced Partnership is a formal agreement, the agreement will include a clear vision of the improvements that the Enhanced Partnership is aiming for (known as an Enhanced Partnership Plan) and accompanying actions to achieve them (set out in one of more Enhanced Partnership schemes). This Enhanced Partnership will be supported by a local Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP), detailing how we propose to improve the bus services within the Borough. Download a copy of our BSIP.

In the matter of the bus services act 2017

And the transport act 2000 s138g(5)

Borough of Telford and Wrekin local transport authority 

Notice that borough of Telford and Wrekin has made an enhanced partnership plan and scheme

This is a notice to confirm that borough of Telford and Wrekin has made an Enhanced Eartnership (EP) plan and scheme.

An EP is a legal arrangement between a local transport authority and all qualifying local operators to work together to improve local bus services, and places new requirements on all parties concerning the delivery of these services.

The EP plan and scheme work towards delivering the borough of Telford and Wrekin bus service improvement plan (bsip), for those elements within the administrative area of borough of Telford and Wrekin to deliver better bus services for local people.

Download details of the full enhanced partnership plan and scheme, if you would like to receive a hard copy please email EnhancedPartnership@telford.gov.uk.

After a review of the statutory consultation responses, borough of Telford and Wrekin has not made any modifications to the plan or scheme proposals at this stage.

A further operator objection process was therefore not required at this time.

As the Plan and Scheme are under regular review, feedback from the consultation period will be considered as part of future updates to the documentation.

Last updated: 08/02/2023 15:05