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Adult Social Care Provider Portal

Our Adult Social Care Provider Portal which helps service providers perform administrative tasks together with the following benefits:

  • Direct Actuals submission - you can submit actuals on a client by client basis or by using the bulk import functionality. Call monitoring systems can be interfaced via bulk import functionality to streamline the process.

  • Comparing commissioned and delivery - we can compare submitted actuals with the commissioned value within ContrOCC. This can be reported on in terms of quantity and cost, which benefits both you and the council.

  • Invoice generation - you can generate invoices through the Provider Portal. These will be based on the actuals in ContrOCC, which reduces the chance of discrepancies and therefore the administration time needed.

  • View purchase orders - purchase orders generated through ContrOCC can be issued and viewed by you online as soon as the package is commissioned.

  • Contract management - we can use mail merge to automatically generate contract documents, which can be accessed by you online, allowing them to be agreed upon and signed electronically.
  • Improved communication - actions allow tasks/queries to be sent between us. By linking actions to specific areas of the provider portal, such as a client record, you are able to give additional context.

Useful information:

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  • the Adult Social Care Provider Portal is currently Live.

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Last updated: 23/05/2022 09:09