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Information for Care and Support Suppliers

Tender opportunities

Residential and Nursing Care Homes

If you are not already registered on Delta please register to be ready to apply to the DPS when this tender opportunity opens. If you have not already successfully applied please submit your responses to ensure that you are in the position to react when new opportunities arise.

DPS - Dynamic Purchasing System

The DPS is a flexible purchasing procedure that has been set up to cover all purchasing of Support and Care in the Community through one contract. As the Council works with the sector to commission more innovative and collaborative services the flexibility and wide ranging Specification that the DPS offers will see its usage increase significantly over the coming weeks and months.

The DPS remains open to applications for the duration of time that it is active, to be at the forefront of future developments in service delivery you will need to be signed up and ready to review and respond to future Tenders. Whilst we have historically purchased on individuals needs it is very likely we will need to do things differently with increasing demand and sufficiency issues. There is continuous demand for enablement packages following discharge from hospital to support the person to return to their home.

If you have not already successfully applied please submit your responses to ensure that you are in the position to react when new opportunities arise.

“Flexible Contracting Arrangement for Mental Health and Learning Disability Services”

Telford & Wrekin and Shropshire Local Authorities have implemented a Flexible Contracting Arrangement (FCA) for Mental Health and Learning Disability Services for Adults and Children. Services include Supported Living and Residential provision.

The FCA is a Dynamic Purchasing System, which offers the following flexibilities:

  • The FCA is always open for Providers to apply for accreditation
  • The evaluation of new submissions takes place twice yearly in March and September, with contracts commencing April and October
  • Providers can apply to provide services under the categories of ‘Living Well’, ‘Positive Behaviour’ and ‘Forensic Support and Supervision’.
  • To be accredited, all providers must pass the ‘Living Well’ criteria however, providers can reapply should they be unsuccessful
  • There is no limit on the number of Providers who can be accredited

This opportunity is open and available by visiting the Delta e-sourcing website.

Children's and Families Support Services (CAFSS)

Telford & Wrekin Council have been leading on the development of a new tender for non-accommodation support services for children and families across the West Midlands region. The new framework will be open to a wide range of services who can contribute to keeping families safely together, supporting children to step out of care, step down to fostering, independence, and post adoption support.

This opportunity is now open and available by visiting the GOV.UK website.

Download the slides and questions and answers from the Provider launch event held 13 January 2022

Family Finding and Befriending/Mentoring

The Council is currently preparing for a grant application opportunity for funding from the DfE for two separate workstreams. The first being Family Finding for children in care up to the value of approximately £20K to deliver and the second work stream being for Befriending/Mentoring for care leavers up to the value of approximately £90K. As part of this grant application, we are keen to engage with providers who may want to work with us should we be successful. Please note that if there are a large number of interested providers we may have to carry out a mini competition in line with procurement legislation. If you would like to be part of the solution or talk to us about this funding bid, please email  by noon on 2nd October 2023.

Market Position Statement

The Market Position Statement is a document which should help you to understand local need and plan the services you offer to meet that local need. We are interested in hearing your views on the document, does it give you the information you need or conversely contain information you don't need, would you like to see anything else in it?

Download the Market Position Statement.

The Calm Cafe 

The Calm cafe opened in January 2020 to support those people who need it with their emotional and mental health. The cafe offers space to meet like-minded people and gain support from trained staff. Further information can be found on the Live Well Telford website.

Bidding for and delivering services as part of a consortium is both challenging and rewarding. From our experience we think the key issues are:

  • it is about delivering a single discrete service better by working collaboratively, bringing a range of expertise together into one service rather than providing a collection of independent services funded from a single pot
  • trust is essential, built on due diligence, openness and transparency, shared values and vision
  • partners need to be flexible and adaptable to change
  • commitment is needed from each partner agency from all their Trustees, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders
  • there is need to work closely with commissioners, being creative and solution focused but also realistic. Consortium partners, commissioners and Council staff should work together to create a culture of co-operation rather than 'us and them'.

Prime provider - a few tips:

  • don't underestimate the time required as the main point of contact for both partners and commissioners
  • be realistic about what you are offering from the outset in the bidding process
  • learn about your partners, how they work, how the contract fits with their other services etc
  • work together to identify risks, anticipate problems and find solutions.


  • a lot of time is needed to support the consortium - meetings, financial arrangements etc. and the funding is likely to be insufficient to cover all of these costs
  • knock on effect on other parts of your organisation - the consortium contract can distract from other roles.


  • the opportunity to attract additional funding through the consortium
  • stronger and fitter organisations from shared learning, new staff with additional skills and experience, sharing resources, building capacity to change etc
  • stronger relationships with commissioners and new networks
  • better service for our clients.

More information can be found in the Cabinet Office Document - Working in a consortium - A guide for third sector organisations involved in public service delivery.

Cold Weather Alerts and Business Continuity Plans 

Please note we will be in contact with you when we receive any updates.

Visit the GOV.UK website to view the Public Health England Cold Weather Plan 2016.

Business Continuity Plans

Please ensure that Business Continuity Plans are in place and up to date. If you need support contact Helen Gordon in our Civil Resilience team at or 01952 381958 for further advice or help.

Wellbeing and Independence Partnership (WIP)

The Wellbeing and Independence Partnership (WIP) provides information, advice and guidance to residents of the Borough of Telford & Wrekin. Download a leaflet of their services.

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