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Councillors allowances

The basic allowance is currently £12,345 per annum and is paid to every Councillor in recognition of the time commitment and other incidental expenses for carrying out the role to which they have been elected.

Special Responsibility Allowances (SRA) are allowances available to Councillors appointed to positions with additional responsibilities as determined by the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) in accordance with Statutory Guidance. These are shown in the following table.

This table shows the details of the special responsibility allowances available to councillors.
Leader of the Council £33,927
Deputy Leader £21,370
Cabinet Member £16,234
Opposition Group Leaders View details
Chair of Planning Committee £10,823
Chair of Licensing Committee £10,823
Chair of Scrutiny Management Board £9,806
Chair of Scrutiny Committee £8,988
Co-Chair of Joint Health & Overview Scrutiny Committee £4,509
Chair of Audit Committee £9,019
Chair of Health & Wellbeing Board £9,019
Chair of Governance Committee £4,509
Chair of Boundary Review Committee £4,509
Vice Chair of Planning Committee £4,509
Chair of Appeals Committee £3,282
Vice Chair of Licensing Committee £3,282
Speaker £3,285

Councillors may also be eligible to claim additional expenses when undertaking approved duties as defined by the IRP.

The total allowance payable to Opposition Group Leaders (with groups of 4 or more Members) is £18,557. This should be divided equitably between those Group Leaders based upon the total number of members in each group.

View details of the allowances and reimbursements paid to Councillors.

Last updated: 06/03/2024 14:06

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