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Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire

Picture of Anna Turner the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire

Mrs Anna Turner was the first woman to be appointed as Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire since the role was established in the 1500s. Anna took on the role in January 2019.

Born in Shropshire in 1958, Anna has been an active part of the community alongside working in the shipping office of her family business and also serving as a magistrate for 27 years.

Anna's commitment to volunteering her time towards helping others has also included serving on the board of visitors for HM Prison Stoke Heath, working with Samaritans, charities for the blind and Army Cadets as well as supporting a local foodbank.

Anna is married to Jonathon and has two adult children and four grandchildren.

Inspired by the beauty of the Shropshire countryside, Anna enjoys walking throughout the remote corners of the Shropshire countryside and Welsh borders. She also enjoys cycling, country sports and horse riding. 

Anna is delighted to be appointed as Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire and enjoys the opportunities the role brings to meet the people of Shropshire and visit a wide range of organisations and businesses. 

Visit the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire website to find out more about the Lord-Lieutenant and the Lieutenancy.

Picture of the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire

What is the Shropshire Lord-Lieutenant?

As Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire, Anna acts as the county's link to the Royal Family. Anna has been appointed to uphold the dignity of the Crown which involves arranging visits and accompanying a member of the Royal Family when visiting the county.

As the Lord-Lieutenant, Anna presents some Queen's medals, Queen's awards & commendations and advises on nominations for honours. Anna also promotes and supports local units of the Armed Forces, cadets and other uniformed organisations, alongside voluntary organisations, education providers and local businesses.

The position of the Lord-Lieutenant is a voluntary, unpaid and non-political appointment that is held until the person reaches the age of 75. As part of their duties, the Lord-Lieutenant appoints a Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants to assist in fulfilling their role.

Visit the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire website to find out more about the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenants

The Duties of The Lord-Lieutenant

Duties of the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire involve:

  • attending events, civic ceremonies and engagements as a Royal Representative
  • helping to connect the community to the work of the Monarch in recognising and rewarding achievements across the county of Shropshire
  • supporting businesses, organisations and individuals who display excellence and dedication to improve the community, county and the country
  • arranging and leading on Royal Visits
  • making presentations of awards and medals on behalf of the Monarch including the Queen's Award for Enterprise and the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service
  • promoting the Honours system and providing assistance to enable individuals within the community to gain the recognition they deserve.

Anna endeavours to encourage and inspire goodwill and positivity across Shropshire. By offering support and helping to recognise achievements, Anna aims to help celebrate businesses, culture, heritage and charities.

Celebrating Achievements and Events 

The Shropshire Lieutenancy is delighted to be an active and involved part of the community by attending events, ceremonies and official visits to help promote and celebrate local achievements.

Will the Lord-Lieutenant be able to attend my event?

These events always bring out the best in people and help to create an environment where supporting others and striving to excel are a common goal.

The Lord-Lieutenant attends as many events, ceremonies, commemorations and civic services as possible and is personally committed to supporting the work of local charity organisations and the voluntary sector, alongside major community events.

Please always try to give as much notice as possible when requesting attendance from the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire as a huge number of invitations are submitted to the Shropshire Lieutenancy and sadly, not all can be attended.

What will I need to consider?

If you wish to request the attendance of the Lord-Lieutenant at an event or ceremony that you are organising, please provide as much information about the event as possible, including:

  • date and time
  • what will take place at the event
  • the reason for the event/visit
  • if there are any duties you would like the Lord-Lieutenant to carry out
  • background information about the organisation.

It is important that certain protocols are upheld during a visit from the Lord-Lieutenant, therefore it is asked that time is taken to respect these.

Visit the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire website to find out more about the Lord-Lieutenant's protocols.

Requesting a visit from the Lord-Lieutenant

To request a visit from the Lord-Lieutenant, please contact the Lieutenancy Office:

Emily Marshall
01743 257717
Email: emily.marshall@shropshire.gov.uk

Shelley Davies
01743 257718
Email: shelley.davies@shropshire.gov.uk

Alternatively you can contact the Lord-Lieutenant by writing to:

Shropshire Council
Legal and Democratic Services
Abbey Foregate
SY2 6ND.

Recognising Remarkable Achievements 

One of Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire's most important roles is making The Queen aware of individuals and organisations that are worthy of Royal recognition. 

This could include helping to recognise the remarkable achievements of your business with a Royal Visit or requesting a message from The Queen to mark a 100th birthday.

Acting as The Queen's representative, the Lord-Lieutenant is proud to attend events across the county to promote and reward achievements.

Picture of the Bem presentation with john minor

How do I nominate someone for an Honour?

If you know of someone exceptional and think they are worthy of an honour, the Lord-Lieutenant can help explain the process below. 

The honours system recognises individuals who have gone above and beyond what is expected to serve their community or their county.

Picture of the Protolabs presentation of queen s award

Queen's Awards

As the highest awards attainable, The Queen's Award for Enterprise and The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service are badges of honour for local businesses and organisations.

These awards can also deliver a number of benefits.
If you know a business or organisation that deserves recognition you can contact the Lieutenancy Office.

How do I request a Royal Visit?

The Royal Family works hard to promote and reward achievements in communities across the country and Shropshire.

If you have an achievement in your business or organisation that you would like to see celebrated with a Royal Visit, the best way to process this is through the Lieutenancy Office.

Visit the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire website to find out how to request a Royal visit.

Garden Party

Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace are a way to celebrate all that is great and good in the country.

Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire is asked to nominate deserving guests each year from across the county. Perhaps there is someone you know of who ought to be considered for this opportunity?

Visit the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire website to find out how to attend a Garden Party.

Message From The Queen

There is a special pride in receiving a message directly from The Queen to mark reaching a milestone in life. You can make sure your loved one doesn't miss out with the help of the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire.

Visit the Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire website to find out how to request a Message From HM The Queen.

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