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Licence - Check and Send

Take the headache out of your licence applications with our new services

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Licensing Service now offers a ‘Check and Send’ service.

This service aims to support your application(s) under the Licensing Act 2003 (i.e. alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment), Taxi Applications, Street Trading, Gambling and other Miscellaneous Applications.

Our aim is to assist you and to help mitigate any problems which may arise during the application process.

However, our advice and assistance cannot prejudge the outcome of a licensing application, especially if representations are received and a Licensing Act Sub-Committee hearing is necessary.

What service is provided with the Check and Send service?

We can:

  • check your application to ensure it is valid and has been correctly completed
  • submit electronically on your behalf to the appropriate licensing office
  • give you an acceptance date so that the relevant statutory consultation period commences immediately from that date*
  • assist you with completion of the statutory public and press notices and provide you with completed copies of the required notices*
  • submit on your behalf to the relevant Responsible Authorities*
  • serve the application on the existing Designated Premises Supervisor.*

* if applicable.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Save time
    Applications can be delayed due to basic errors - avoid these delays by using our services.
  • Save money
    We will help to ensure the process will not need to be re-started; you will avoid incurring additional costs in re-submitting press notices.*
  • Give peace of mind
    We will make sure your application is correctly completed, that you only apply for what you need and ensure your licence is fit for purpose.
  • Secure
    We will ensure your application is electronically submitted and depending on the type of application, serve on the relevant responsible authorities.

* if applicable.

How much does it cost?

The fee for this quality service covers the cost of administration, delivery of the service and is not for profit.

This table displays the fees for the licence check and send services.
Type of licence Fee
Grant, variation, provisional statement £70
Minor variation £40
Transfer £20
Variation of designated premises supervisor (DPS) £20
Transfer and variation of DPS (at the same time) £30
Dis-apply mandatory DPS condition £20
Interim authority £20
Temporary event notice £20
Personal licence £20
Private hire operator application £20
Dual driver application £30
Street trading application £30
Pleasure boat licence application £20
Scrap metal site/collector application £30
Animal welfare applications £45
Club machine/gaming applications £30
Lottery registrations £20
Pavement licences £45

Payment for the services, which is in addition to the relevant statutory application fee, can be made by cheque, or credit/debit card.

We also operate impartially and free from conflicts of interest. Businesses should be aware that it may be possible to obtain the same services as those offered by Telford & Wrekin Council’s Public Protection Service elsewhere.

We encourage businesses to make their own investigations with alternative providers as to whether the services are available elsewhere and to obtain the best value for those services.

Please note: that businesses are not obligated to take up the services offered by Telford & Wrekin Council’s Public Protection Service.

Last updated: 20/07/2022 09:36

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