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Apply to renew a Private Hire Operator Licence

You should apply to renew your private hire operator licence at least one full calendar month before the licence is due to expire.

A licence renewal application must be submitted, determined and issued before it reaches its expiry date to allow the private hire operator to continue to take bookings and dispatch licensed vehicles. All operator licences cease on expiry, revocation or surrender. Only in exceptional circumstances would an application for renewal be entertained after expiry, otherwise a new application will be required.  

Licences will normally be issued for a period of five years. However where an appliant has a time limited right to work permit, licences will be issued only up to the expiry date of the work permit (if it is fewer than five years).

A private hire operator licence cannot be transferred from one individual, partnership or limited company to another.

Download the Council's hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy

Last updated: 05/04/2023 09:27

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