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Weights and measures

Trading Standards is responsible for ensuring that all weighing and measuring equipment that is used to determine the quantity of goods being sold is accurate and used correctly.

We are also responsible for investigating any incidents involving the supply of short weight or measure goods.

We do this by:

  • using high accuracy weighing and measuring equipment against which all trade equipment is tested
  • checking the accuracy and suitability of trade equipment, prior to its use for trade
  • testing equipment used in shops, petrol stations, factories and so on
    checking prepacked goods for correct quantity and labelling
  • investigating complaints
  • calibrating industrial equipment.

Visit the Business Companion website for more information about weights and measures.

View information about a public weighbridge operator's certificate and how to apply for one.

Report a complaint

Visit the Citizens Consumer Advice website if you want to make a complaint or to obtain advice on your consumer rights on goods/services that you have purchased.

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